If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Lisa Bought an RV Today


CONTINGENT on two things:

One: 2 bikes fit.
Two: stepdad approval <--- TRUE STORY!! Ha ha, it's written in the contract!!

But in order to get the price we want and to get it off the market so no one can buy it from underneath me, I had to agree and sign a contract.
Okay people, let me tell you, I had a full blown panic attack (ahem...twice) and had to physically leave the office. I am more freaked out for this than I was buying the house. I guess because life is so up in the air OR... out on the road. Wa wa wa...

No, but for real, let me clarify what I'm doing. I'm parking and traveling not traveling and parking. This means, I will be stationary in Gulfport, MS for the next several months but I have a handful of trips I'll take in the RV. I will probably live on the SEABEE base which has full hook up and is SO convenient to everything I need (pool, safety, work). Over that time I will travel to NOLA for a few events, Kansas to get Phil settled in, Texas for Ironman, and Ohio for GOBA/family. Other trips aren't out of the question (EVER) but these are the certainties.

And I promise you, there have been a multitude of spreadsheets, $$ figurings, and consideration taken into this (all these) decisions.

So now that I (and we) feel (mostly) comfortable with that decision... I'm going to do this little Ironman thing on Sunday. Come Monday or Tuesday, I will take 2 bikes and my stepdad back to La Mesa RV and work on the contingency piece. If 2 bikes fit AND Bob approves of the RV, then it's gonna happen. If they don't and/or he doesn't, the search continues.

p.s. this RV is SOOOO baller!!
p.s.s. and a great deal. Brand new (2014) but used (only 7,000 miles) and it feels/looks like HOME. Oh, and there's a tv and stereo system outside and what we've proclaimed as a "garage".
p.s.s.s. Cameron, the cute young guy that's helping me, he was GREAT! Made this whole process very enjoyable. He was super professional but friendly, calming, and no pressure. He really made the difference in this whole process... Even took me back to the RV at the end for one more visit, JUST IN CASE. Even though (I found out then) that he was supposed to go home early. Thank you Cameron!! Customer service: SOLID.

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