If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Your Comeback

A bad training day or week, an injury, or being sick does not have to ruin your training plan.
Missing a workout does not have to ruin your training plan nor diminish your motivation.

Again and again I see the "give up" over one of those ^^^.
So, if you have a flat tire on your car, do you stab the other three and just walk?
No, you're frustrated, it's annoying, but you change the tire and drive your ass to work/school/gym.

The same patient frustration is required for your training plan. A bad workout, a bad day, even a bad week - you gotta dust it off and carry on. That means GET OVER IT and GET BACK TO WORK! The same applies for an injury or sickness. Rest, recovery, and then get back to work.

Just like one cheeseburger won't make you fat, one salad won't make you skinny <---> one bad workout/day/week won't hurt your progress, one GREAT workout/day/week won't make you a pro.

The most important thoughts after a bad workout, day, or week... consider what went wrong and how you can adjust fire to minimize that next time. Maybe you weren't properly hydrated, fueled, or rested. Extra stress can even play a role in a bad workout. I betcha every time, there's an underlying factor that ISN'T "I suck".

Coming off of being sick... 1) you HAVE to take the proper rest and recovery. If you just keep pushing, the quality will continue to decrease, increasing frustration and you will get discouraged. You need to lay your sick butt in bed and take in plenty of fluids. You gotta see a doctor and take medicine if necessary. Great rule of thumb for training (and seeing a doctor), if it's in the brain, TRAIN; if it's in the chest, REST. You know the difference between a head cold, allergies, going into throat yuck, chest nastiness, flu, and worse. Use your grown up judgement and do the right thing for your body.

For either reason, come back nice and easy. You don't need to attack your training plan and be some kind of Wonder Woman, Super Man. Hopefully you have a Coach to ease you back in, but if you maintain your own training plan, know that your body (and mind!!) are still fragile. A hard workout may put you right back on your ass <--- DISCOURAGING. So give yourself a few light workouts to reset.

Most important, cut yourself some slack! We are not professional triathletes people. We don't get paid for this or any special tv endorsements. This is our HOBBY. We do this for fun, stress relief, socializing, JOY. Don't get yourself twisted over something you love and turn it into a chore or a bore. Use this sport as a way to BUILD yourself up - physically, mentally, and emotionally.