If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

What to Expect

I've been preparing this post over the last couple weeks of endurance training.
Ironically, a friend of mine shared a similar post comparing life with kids to life with triathlon (here). There are so many relatable factors and common points... I decided my post was overdue.

Endurance training is somewhat life changing. Somewhat, HA! Whether it's a 20 week program or a new lifestyle, this is what you can expect training for an endurance event...


Insatiable Hunger - ooh, I want a cheeseburger. With a pizza. And some chips and dip. Oh and cookies! Topped with ice cream. And cake. With wine. And a beer. Yeahhh... that sounds perfect. These will be your thoughts around mile 30, 80, and most part of everyday.


Mounds of Laundry - how do I have 3 loads of laundry a week!? I'm one person!! And typically you will have cycling shorts, tri tops, and compression hanging all over your house.


A Sink/Counter Full of Water Bottles - if you can't keep up with laundry, what makes you think you'll keep up with dishes!?

Nights In - by the time you work and train, the last thing you want to do is go "party" with friends. Party becomes a cold beer after a long training day. After one MAYBE two, you just want a bath, (FOOD!!), and your bed. If you're a spontaneous social butterfly, prepare for limited time with friends and scheduled time with anyone. And that's mostly because...

8pm Bedtime - by 8pm, you're ready for BED. But that makes sense since you have a...

5am Wake-Up - how else do you think you'll get all your training in for the day!? You have to get up and get it done. Speaking of "getting it done"...

Excrement - you WILL talk about poop. you WILL hear about poop. you might have to poop in the woods... You will be excited when you poop - relieved (in more ways than one!!)

IMAG3348_1 IMAG0514

Marks - tan lines, goggle marks, saddle sores, wetsuit hickies, chafing, and salt stains.

"Out of Town" - becomes a panicked Google search of where you can get your swim in and if you can bring your bike trainer. And, it's safe to run here, right!?


"Vacation" - becomes OOH, I wonder if there are any races going on while I'm there. IN FACT, "vacation" tends to become "race-cation" ^^.


Vehicle - your car becomes a dumping ground. Seriously, the inside of your car will look like a tri shop and trash can collided. And the smell, just wait! Think men's locker room...

New Furniture - your bike and trainer become a permanent fixture in the living room.

5k's become warm ups for your long run
Sprint tri's become group training days
Church moves from inside on a pew to countryside on a bike
Vitamin C will become part of your daily routine
Chamois Butt'r is a regular purchase
"On your left" goes through your head when passing people - walking. And driving.
A 5 mile run becomes your "easy" day.
A 3,000 meter swim becomes your "rest" day.
A twisted ankle becomes, "but can I run?"
Any ache or twist becomes, "but can I run?"
Any bike shorter than 2 hours seems like a waste.
Poor eyesight? You'll now require prescription sunglasses and goggles!
Finisher's medals become home decorations.
Massages are no longer relaxing - OUCH!
You'll learn all about rolling and ART.
^ and KT tape, and biofreeze, and compression.

... the list can go on, can't it!?
Most important though: you will be filled with the most rewarding sense of accomplishment EVER!! You will be doing something for your mind and body that you'll just never know unless you TRI!

So what do you think endurance athletes, what do you think our friends can expect when endurance training?