If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Be a Pusher


My friends Beth and Jenn are super passionate about this so SO AM I!
These two have started an Ainsely's Angels chapter right here in Southern Mississippi!

Making our debut at Arbor Day 5k in Biloxi

What is Ainsley's Angels?
Ainsley is a little girl diagnosed with INAD (it's terminal). With her family, she went for a ride in her first road race. "Running provided the family with a therapeutic means to fight the devastation associated with learning and trying to live with the fact that sweet Ainsley has a terminal illness."
Now, people ALL OVER THE COUNTRY push "Captains" (physically and/or mentally disabled folks who want the opportunity to participate in a road race) to the finish line. I want you to read more about it here.

I'm telling you friends, seeing the dozens of chair and teams at the Louisiana Marathon was heartwarming, empowering even! I wanted to help too! That can't be an easy task, let me take your load for a few minutes. And so I was blessed to push Chad on Saturday in Biloxi. We opted for the 1 mile since I've never pushed; we were both a little nervous. It was harder than you imagine but nothing mattered other than Chad's joy. My heart is OVERFLOWING!

Chad was happy to be my Captain!
Want to be an Ainsley's Angel?
That's what it means by having a chapter on the coast. You have the opportunity to be a pusher, or a Captain!! You sign up here. And select your chapter (which if you're local to me, it's the Mississippi option). It doesn't cost anything! Just the love in your heart to make a difference doing what you already love.

That is why we are so excited to share this opportunity with you. It only costs the desire to make a difference. What a reward to be cherished for a lifetime! You can hang that finishers medal up and know that your Captain, with the same medal, was able to experience, BECAUSE OF YOU, something they will never be able to experience on their own. Your gift is amazing.
Okay, so after you sign up, you're gonna get a WELCOME from Beth or Jenn. She'll take it from there matching you up with training details. It's all new, we're exploring this together, so be patient.


More exciting news!!
I randomly, Thursday, decided to shoot over to the gym for a run. It wasn't so random though, the universe had something for me... As I'm running I start seeing all these folks in wheelchairs making their way into the gym. What!? I started running faster as if to get my run done sooner (I was running for 40 minutes no matter what, silly girl). I jetted to the basketball courts where they were wheeling up for practice. I introduced myself and presented them with Ainsley's Angels. They were pumped!! Most of them in front of me push themselves but they told me about other members of their groups that would LOVE to be involved, hundreds even! Kids, adults, mentally and physically disabled friends would LOVE this opportunity. See, my run wasn't so random! We exchanged numbers and boom, the running is rolling!

What's Next?
On Monday, March 2nd, Jenn will bring a chair to Run-N-Tri at 6pm for you to familiarize yourself with. On March 16th at Run-N-Tri in Gulfport at 6pm, you can meet the Ainsley's Angels crew, Beth, Jenn, and a few Captains. See the chairs, experience the thrill, run with us. You can sign up and get all the new details for your team and your next race with a Captain.


I'm excited Mississippi, this is a unique opportunity for our community.
We make such a huge impact on so many lives.
Running is a GIFT. A gift to be shared.