If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

WHOA, time to blog!


I think this is the longest I've gone without blogging since starting this blog! What the heck have I been doing all week?! And how is it Sunday already!? I'm just going to rewind for a second...

I got home late on Monday night. Had to wait til Tuesday morning to pick up Jake. Was cruising at a comfortable 35mph down Pass Road (half asleep) when woop woop, blue lights. AHHH! What!? No!? Apparently I was doing 35mph in a 15mph SCHOOL ZONE! Holy hell, that's court and double fines! I just, I can't, SMH, I can't!! I was too excited to get Jake and too exhausted to care...

JAKEY!! My love, back in my arms, so ecstatic to see me (before being pissed and burying his head into the door under the realization that I left him for 5 days...). Came home and slept for a little bit. Woke up, hit the pool with a new athlete then stopped for a green beer at Irish Coast Pub with Allison and Jon. It'd been way too long; love those two!! Also happy to see Ben and Kat <--- best pub peeps ever!!

Wednesday... lunch with Emily. Do you ever have a 3 hour lunch with a friend? You have to do it sometimes. And I recommend you do it with the Ahi Tuna Salad at Newk's! Emily: this girl warms my heart with her kindness and reminds me to be happy, be-lieve, and keep be-ing me. It was just what I needed *hearts*
I have no idea what else I did on Wednesday. I hope I was in bed early, cause I'm certain I was still exhausted...

Thursday morning I was up early and ready for a swim though. Working with athletes then a super strong 2,000 yards for myself. Hard to believe I just did a 70.3. I really do want to work harder on my swim. I want 100% confidence out there. I think I'm maybe at 75% right now.

Friday was pack up, work, and head north for the Pine Hill Festival in Freeda Wander <---that's my RV in case you missed it. I packed up (which I'm getting really good at btw!!), worked at the shop, then hit the road for Wiggins (only about 45mins away). I "camped" in a Fred's parking lot all weekend. It was FUN! The Pine Hill Festival was impressive!! Friday night was live music and lots of pictures. 8 Second Ride is a BAD ASS band if you ever get the chance to see them live.


Saturday morning I woke up and raced a 10k. Oh yeah, I DEFINITELY did a 70.3 last week. I went out way to fast with Brandon and Brandon and by mile 4 I was struggling to even move forward. In fact, the only reason I WAS moving forward is because I was leaning. My legs were kaput. KAPUT. Surprisingly, I pulled off a first place win. Not surprising, my athletes, Brandon and Brandon placed 1st and 2nd in their respective age groups. WAY TO GO TEAM TOA!!
Spent the rest of the morning wandering around the PHF, taking pictures, and keeping up with their social media. Somewhere in all that I devoured jalapeƱo poppers, chicken-on-a-stick, and a funnel cake. Oh, and a Blue Moon that put me on my ass! Can I admit that I was STOKED for 7pm so I could go to bed!? I was out cold by 7:30pm. A super fun day with so many friends though ~ more *hearts* !!!


Up early on Sunday <--- that's what happens when you go to bed at 7:30pm, and headed back south. I had a 4 hour bike ride. I was shooting for 1 solo + 3 with JG. I hit 50mins solo then 3:10 with JG for my 4 - 68 miles. It would have been easy to quit, call it a day, so thank goodness for JG (and TISH - even though we didn't ride together the whole time, she kick started me at least twice during the ride). Wrapped that up just in time to swim with a few of my athletes and a whole slew of athletes swim training at Tradition's. Today was all about comfort in the water; they each swam 600yds, then we just hung out in the middle or a while; relaxing. ZEN swimming. I was so proud of them when they wanted to go back out for another 600. Truth: I didn't go with them! I was WAY too exhausted.
The rest of the day:
Jake, water, ball.
Devoured a large tater tot from Sonic.
Scrubbed the RV and reorganized stuff.
Scrubbed the dog and furminated him.
Started and finished athlete schedules while enjoying a half glass of Pinot Noir and a chicken sandwich.
Showered and wrote this blog.

I'm pooped y'all! It's probably Monday if you're reading this, and you know what, I hope I'm RESTING!! I have to run my car to the shop in the a.m. and that's IT! There's nothing more on my schedule until 4:30pm at Run-N-Tri. I figure a day or two down and I'll be ready to hit it hard again. Ironman Texas won't train for itself!! Plus I love this. It's what I do. I feel good and I love it. Thank you for sharing in my life and caring! I'm filled to the rim with the love and support I receive daily ~ THANK YOU!