If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!


The second official 5k I ever did was the Pine Hill Festival 5k back in 2010 (I think). Phil and I had recently moved to the Gulf Coast and as many of you know, running (and then shortly after, triathlon) was my saving grace from PTSD (the severity of it anyway). After the first one (at Run-N-Tri Company coincidentally), I was hooked! I had to find a 5k every single weekend!! I remember the route was so gorgeous, reminding me of the countryside back home, the t-shirts were horribly ugly (which was fine ;), and we filled up on alligator on a stick and corn dogs at the festival after the run.

This year, I'm excited to actually be a part of the 5k/10k AND the festival. My role in the race is through Run-N-Tri and the Race Director, Amanda (my good friend!!). She's been working so hard to make sure this race is AWESOME and let's just say this, put the medals and trophies aside and expect GREAT AWARDS and SWAG at this event. I realize there are a lot of races to choose from this weekend, but this one, it's going to be different. TRI SOMETHING DIFFERENT! Register HERE.

Next, I've taken on the role of social media specialist <--- I made that name up myself, for the event. But the position is real! I'm helping the organizers blast information to the world wide web. Hey, I'm good at it, let's make magic, RIGHT!? Since I'm pretty pumped for the weekend, I'm super cool with presenting all the fun the festival has to offer. Check it out... And I hope you'll join us!!