If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

People's Disgustingness

I'm fixin' to rant so if you're not interested, back out now...

People's disgustingness PISSES ME OFF!!
I started thinking about this during our travel return from Puerto Rico in the restroom.
I pushed a ladies room door open and UGH, what a mess! Seriously? Another, another mess. Another, WTF!?
Women don't flush the toilet now!? We shit and piss all over the seat!? WTF is wrong with you!?
First of all, if everyone USED the toilet seat, it wouldn't be so NASTY! Second, there are usually seat covers available OR, hello, use toilet paper if you're that worried about it. But squatting OVER a toilet seat to spread your piss and shit all over!? GOD! You are DISGUSTING. And flush the damn toilet. It's the easiest thing ever! No one wants to go in your GO! FLUSH!!

Grooming in public. I'll admit, since I've had braces, I definitely pick at my teeth in public. It's gross. I'm disgusting. I try to cover my mouth with a napkin or go to the restroom but it's true, I pick. So, picking your teeth, flossing, cutting your fingernails and TOENAILS!?, brushing your hair at a food place, painting your nails... YOU ARE DISGUSTING!! Stop grooming in public. We don't want to see your private grooming habits in public!

Smoking. I smoked for 14 years <--- DISGUSTING! If you wanna kill yourself slowly, do it in your own space. Blowing smoke in MY space makes me want to shove that cigarette down your throat! Furthermore, dispose of your butts appropriately. Flipping it out the window or on the ground - UGH, what is wrong with you!? How is that not litter!? Would you toss your empty water bottle out the window too!? Don't make me stereotype you as TRASH! Keep it clean and sanitary! p.s. your breathe REAKS and your hands, hair, and clothes smell like ass! Oh, and you're KILLING YOURSELF!

Burping and farting. It's natural. I do it. At home, it's funny. With friends, torture. In public, it's rude and DISGUSTING! No one wants to hear, see, smell your insides. Go to the restroom and let it go. Sometimes it's unexpected, fine, release the gas silently; does it need to be an announcement!? In an elevator or on an airplane, completely inappropriate!! There's no where for that smell to go, hold it in, you're DISGUSTING!

Spitting. AHHHH!! Just why!? And some of you spit in a bottle and collect it. Oh my God, I just threw up in my mouth. Spitting is SO DISGUSTING. Swallow! SWALLOW!! There is no need to spit anything, anywhere! And if it's because you're dipping, you've reached a whole new level of disgusting. Your mouth smells like a shit filled cat litter box. Oh, and you're probably gonna get mouth cancer, that's real sexy <--- please sense my sarcasm.

Throw your trash in the garbage!
Wear deodorant!
Cover your damn mouth when you cough or sneeze!
Litter, homeless hippy armpit smell, and blowing your nastiness all over everyone else is DISGUSTING!!

Deep breathe. Rant complete.