If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Kona and My Graduate: Week 9 (of 20) Barcelona 70.3


Monday, 25 Feb - I almost didn't go, so I made SURE to go! 1,600m swim.
Guys, I'm so excited! I have a huge surprise happening Saturday. I can't wait!!!
In the meantime, Luca is on duty today/night so it's a mommy/Jake Monday!
SWIM 1,600m

Tuesday, 26 Feb - 1 hour on the bike trainer this morning w/6 x 5min climbs and a ST session to follow. Later, a 40min walk/run/play with my loves.
BIKE trainer, ST

Wednesday, 27 Feb - another hour on the bike trainer this morning (recovering from half marathon - had some serious metatarsal pain during the run). ST session to follow.
BIKE trainer, ST


Thursday, 28 Feb - 45min run + yard work and getting my patio Saturday ready *wink wink*
BIG ANNOUNCEMENT today!! I will be competing in the Ironman World Championship in Kona THIS YEAR!! Oct 12, 2019!! I was previously slotted for 2020 and they moved me. I am BEYOND excited. I can't wait. I have a feeling the next months are going to fly by.
So, and, but... I still have Barcelona 70.3 in May and then Ohio 70.3 in July. Stay focused!
RUN 4 miles

Friday, 1 March - up at 4am. WHY!! Good grief!!! But I'm wide awake and booking plans. I officially registered for Kona and booked a house for my 12 days in Hawaii. Off to my blood tests...and grocery all by 9am. Phew!! Spent the day preparing for tomorrow and nothing else.


Saturday, 2 March - 50min run this morning and prep for Luca's SURPRISE graduation party.
RUN 4.5 miles

Sunday, 3 March - I knew the long bike wouldn't happen this morning so I made peace with it. I did grab a 20min HIIT session with ShaunT though!!
HIIT + Rest Day

This week reads a little lazy doesn't it? Sometimes I feel like my consistency is all over the place. With Kona heavy on my mind, I'm taking the next 21 days (and beyond of course) - but I like mini goals - to really focus on clean eating, hitting my tri sessions AND HIIT or ST sessions. I'm actually doing the BeachBody Extreme workouts. I love that they're 30mins, intense, and sometimes we just need someone to tell us exactly what to do, right?

Weekly Totals:
Swim x 1600m
Bike x 32 miles (trainer)
Run x 8.5 miles
ST x 2 sessions
HIIT x 1 session