If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Week 13 (of 20) Barcelona 70.3

Monday, March 25, 2019 - early morning working but a beautiful morning to take the Vespa for a spin to the pool for a killer swim set. Perhaps my new favorite!!
SWIM 2,500m

*52 weeks of us - no alcohol!! Too easy!!...considering we have a bout 15 new bottles of beautiful Tuscan wine!

Tuesday, March 26 - morning work session, 1:20 on the bike trainer, and more work. I have a multitude of projects going on so a lot of computer time happening...
BIKE 1:20 (trainer)

Wednesday, March 27 - 10 mile run this morning and it was such a perfect beautiful day for it. I committed to 8min run + 45sec walk. This seems to be a good interval set for me. My knee is feeling really okay but still working out a knot in my right foot. Again, I think it's either mortons neuroma or metatarsalgia. It hurts less than last run but still reared it's ugly head.
RUN 10 miles

Thursday, March 28 - I really wanted to bike outside today but for some reason, climbed on that trainer. I think it's just a habit. Worked hard though, climbing for 5min intervals for 1:10. 2 mile brick after. I pushed for those 10min miles. Am really pleased that I had a little bit of speed in my after my long run yesterday.
BIKE 1:10 (trainer) + RUN 2 miles

Friday, March 29 - to the pool batman!! My goal was 2800 today - I had a plan. I felt heavy, the water felt thick, but I was going for it. About 1700m in, 3 men joined my lane. Scratch that, 3 assholes. They were clearly trying to push me out. 200 more meters and they won. At least I left with a little bit of distance. Grr.
SWIM 1,900m

Saturday, March 30 - super house scrub to kick off our day. With full intentions of running later, we went out for lunch. Too much wine later, we didn't run. Grr! Gonna pay for this tomorrow...
Obviously failed our week challenge too. So guess what? Going dry for April! I need to focus!

Sunday, March 31 - yup. Paying for it. Complete weekend fail. At least our house is clean.

Weekly Totals:
Swim x 4400 meters
Bike x 2.5 hours
Run x 12 miles

I'm not impressed. Next week will be better!