If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Recovery Week 12 (of 20) Barcelona 70.3

Monday, March 18, 2019 - the goal: swim, grocery, Poste, and to Genoa for a doc appointment. And IF I can get a run this evening, cool! Okay so I got the swim, Poste, and Genoa in. Lacking the run and the grocery. Tomorrow will come!!
SWIM 2600m

Tuesday, March 19 - nailed that little grocery task. Woo! And a trainer ride and ST session. Luca had a night flight so it was a quiet evening at home w/the Jakers. Made some delicious yummy healthy dinner, took a hot bath, sipped a glass of wine, and Netflixed. And worked!! Always working!
BIKE 1:20 trainer + ST

Wednesday, March 20 - it's NICE having my Luca home in the morning! But alas, he's off to work and I'm off to run and swim... About 600m in, I was pretty sure my arms were going to fall off. My day after was filled with meetings and another quiet night at home w/Jake.
RUN 2 miles + SWIM 1600m

Thursday, March 21 - morning coffee and walks with my loves! Soon after, 1 hour on the trainer.
BIKE trainer 1 hour

Friday, March 22 - we're headed on a Tuscan adventure this weekend so I added one more hour on the trainer today.
BIKE trainer 1 hour

Saturday, March 23 - Monteroni to Buoconvento to Montalcino to Pienza to Multipulciano. No official tri training but we got well over 50,000 steps!!

Sunday, March 24 - Siena - our final day of adventure with plenty more steps UP and DOWN around   Siena.

Weekly Totals:
Swim - 4200m
Bike - 3:20 hours (all trainer)
Run - 2 miles - What the HECK happened here!?

Okay, I have punished myself enough with "rest" and now it's time to reel it back in.
Next week is a full load of swim, bike, and run workouts as I intensify training for Barcelona 70.3 and fight to get these pounds off.

*52 weeks of us: write (or read) each other a poem - every night. Success!! I think we both missed one night but otherwise silly rhymes every night. Ha!