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Two Years in Italy and One Day Exploring: Week 10 (of 20) Barcelona 70.3

Monday marked 2 years in Italy. In regards to training, it isn't always easy here and I foresee lots of grumbles getting ready for Kona. But just like I told Luca last night, I'd rather train in difficulty and be right here with him in this life then be...anywhere else on earth!

Two years has been quite the adventure. My eyes are open to so many new things. Sometimes I feel like I've gotten no where and sometimes I feel near Italian.
ALWAYS an adventure though and worth every moment with my Luca.
My favorite days are spent with Luca and Jake exploring (which we got to do this weekend!). We hiked Pietra di Bismantova and did a quick exploration of Parma. Pictures throughout!!

Approaching Pietra di Bismantova

Monday, March 4 - today marks two years of living in Italy. Started our morning with a walk + Plyo Fix Extreme + work. Headed to the pool for a nice 2,400m swim and just a quick brick run. Spent the afternoon working. WORKING!
BB + SWIM 2400m + RUN 2 miles

A current sculpture displayed in Parma

Tuesday, March 5 - morning walk w/my loves - I love that the weather is changing!! It's still chill in the a.m., but not an ice box. Shot right into my Upper Fix Extreme workout to power up my day. Spent a few hours working before tackling my bike ride. Sped over to Montemarcello for some hill repeats. Luca picked up an extra duty for a colleague so it's just the pooch and me today/night! We took a couple of short walks today. And an evening ST Session before dinner. 3 workouts WOOO!
BB + BIKE 16.7m + ST Session

Lucky dog hanging out in front of Cattedrale di Parma 

Wednesday, March 6 - good morning walk w/my Jake and I delayed BB; waiting for Luca to come home to go run. I had 8 miles scheduled but was DRAINED!! Ended up with 6.5 on some hills. Later, hit that BB Pilates but HATED it. I am NOT a Pilates girl. So I swapped to a ST session instead.
BB + RUN 6.5 miles + ST Session

p.s. 52 weeks of us challenge this week is no olive oil and no salt. Killing it!!

A useful sculpture on the Pietra di Bismantova; look through each pipe and see the village or mountain it points to.

Thursday, March 7 - woke up SO SORE! My body is aching with these new BB workouts + ST. It's okay, I'm on a mission. BB Lower Fix Extreme this morning after our Jake walk. I've 90mins ride and brick run scheduled - it's shit weather so we'll see how it goes...
Guys, my day unfolded and I was just so tired. I even took a nap. Very unlike me! We have to listen to our body. So I rested. Tomorrow is a new day!
BB + Rest

Luca's jump shot

Friday, March 8 - Happy Women's Day! Spent the morning working but grabbed a 2,600m swim for lunch. Cardio Fix Extreme at home today after a ST Session. Luca had an afternoon flight today so our Friday date day was a little skewed. Boo. We recovered by cooking dinner together, sharing that dinner, enjoying a glass of wine, and movie night *hearts*
SWIM 2600m + ST Session + BB

Cattedrale di Parma and Baptistery (pink marble!!)

Saturday, March 9 - hiked 5k at Pietra di Bismantova w/my loves!! Explored Parma after and evening at home with my greatest loves. No BB or ST but that climb rocked us!!
HIKE 3.3 miles + adventure

A view from our climb

Sunday, March 10 - rainy morning so I got on the trainer until it passes ?? 2 hours done, still drizzling, went for it. 45mins for 10miles. Cold, wet, hungry, done.
2:45 bike for the day. Later in the evening - Yoga Fix Extreme which I really did not love.
BIKE 45'sih miles + BB

Parma is widely known for it's Parmesan cheese and Prosciutto. Nom Nom Nom!

Weekly Totals:
Swim x 2 x 5,000m
Bike x 60ish
Run x 8.5 + 3.3 hike
BB x 6 sessions (30mins each)
ST x 3 sessions (20mins HIIT each)

A better week for sure. I've succumbed to swimming [only] 2 days a week. Anymore makes me a little crazy. Once it warms up, I'll hit the open water on the weekends for my 3rd. Biking was somewhat of a miss this week and I swapped a run for a hike. I'm loving the BB workouts though, morning walks w/my Jake, and my short HIIT sessions. Lots of hard work in but lots of hard work to do.

52 weeks of us challenge success!! No added olive oil or salt. Done!! Drawn for next week: 3 things I love about you daily. All the gushy mushy lovey stuff *HEARTS*