Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Savory Roots


As a busy busy bee, when I met Jessica and learned of her Savory Roots, I KNEW I was a key candidate. I need food. Already prepared food. REAL food. Healthy food. SIGN ME UP!

Savory Roots post their upcoming week menu on Facebook. For $70 you can request 7 meals or the Fit for Five option which is 5 meals for $50. She will also take requests for family meals. The Fit for Five is a perfect fit for me for dinner. Each one is under 500 calories and full of fresh, health conscious ingredients. I know a few professional friends that it will be ideal for LUNCH too!!

Let's dig in and taste some food...


Jessica delivers your meals twice a week so you're getting fresh ingredients. I met her on Monday for my first three dishes. I actually met a friend for sushi on Monday night so my first dinner meal, the Fall Harvest Salad, I had for lunch on Tuesday...


WOW!! A perfect combination of greens and toppings (including apples and pecans) with an impressive poppyseed'ish dressing. In all honesty, this salad for dinner would have left me hungry for more. If I get it again, I'll top it with chicken or turkey. It was absolutely perfect for lunch though!


The next meal was very dinner worthy!! This coconut curry tilapia was on point! Full of flavor, I didn't even need salt!! (I put salt on nearly everything!). I was full and very satisfied. I don't care if tilapia is caught in the dirtiest of waters, when Jessica cooks it, it's DELICIOUS! Combined with one of my favorite mix of veggies (the bamboo shoots are my most favorite ~ and those mini corns...don't you love those little stinking things?! How on earth do they make those tiny little corns!? Ha ha ha!).


Jessica bragged that although she didn't mean to make it her thing, her turkey burger has become her thing. And I totally get it!! More like a turkey meatloaf than a burger, this dish was certainly full of unique flavor. And topped with a raspberry vinaigrette...I would have never thought. So yummy! She even provides the bread and burger toppings. And she filled my box with veggies and hummus.


My next delivery came on Wednesday <--- FRESH!


Grilled chicken with roasted corn, black beans, and quinoa was once again, on point! That means it was delicious. No salt required and plenty of flavor. It was also the perfect amount of quinoa (not too filling). I don't eat a lot of corn because it has no nutritional value, but it was seriously grilled and then cut right off the cob - no canned corn in this house! She also made this with steak.


My final dinner was eaten Saturday night and it couldn't have been more satisfying. I ran 18 miles that morning and worked all day. I was craving pasta and BOOM, protein and pasta!! Again, it was flooded with flavor and so filling!

There's a few more things I love about what Jessica does with Savory Roots. The containers are really nice. That seems like such a trivial point, but wouldn't it be awful if she used cheap stuff and it fell apart during delivery or microwave?; hot food spilled in your lap? Ugh.
They are serious good quality though; microwave safe and dishwasher safe ~ ideal for reusing for kids lunches?? I asked Jessica if she has considered having customers return the containers to help save money. I love her response!!, "Nah, it would become too much of a hassle. My goal is to make your life as easy as possible with my meals. Food. Eat. Throw them away or toss them in the dishwasher. It's worth the extra expense."
I agree!! And it doesn't seem to raise the cost of the meals. $10 for a meal is totally reasonable; how much was your last McDonald's (Subway, Starbucks, Lean Cuisine) lunch? And how many calories did you inhale? And how fresh was any of that!? Don't get me started on the healthiness of it all...

My goal is to order with Savory Roots every other week (although I saw her menu for next week and it looks so good too...). I keep myself on a strict budget so I think these meals every other week combined with my own cooking habits, and I'm set!! I'm super excited to share this with you and I highly recommend you give her a try. If you don't like it, you've wasted nothing ~ you were going to eat anyway, right!? I think a plan for lunch meals is ideal for many of my professional friends! And just the ease of knowing exactly what's for dinner... we work, we train, we LIVE, we are busy. And then we settle for fast, convenient, and often not so wise food choices. Let Savory Roots choose the right food for you weekly!

Check her out on Facebook.

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