If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Just another manic Monday

Such a day... I was ALL over the place!
I need to reflect...

Coffee, eggs, and a.m. Ortho for a giant shot in my knee.
Back home to clean up last nights freeze (my water hose froze!!).
Puppy play.
Dentist, Danita catch up, my teeth are still straight, see ya in 3 months...

Roadtrip to Slidell with Amber for lottery tickets. Because, BILLIONS. Can't win if you don't play.

Lunch at Raising Cains <--- I know :O But man that chicken is so good!
Roadtrip to Wiggins with Jake for my veterans park pass.
Back home to prepare for tonights freeze (it won't happen twice!!).
More puppy play.
Shower <--- finally! Geesh!
Run-N-Tri Monday Fun Run. I don't know who's happier for the night off, my team or me!?
My own (cheap) version of sushi.
Resume edits (in proper English) for my Netherlands friend (written in WHACK English) Ha ha ha ha ha!! Just kidding!! Only said that cause I know you're reading this ;) ;) ;)
Final water drainage.
Final puppy play.
Athlete schedule changes...blog...emails...fB...tv is on in the background...

Where's the fork? I'm DONE!