If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Mississippi Winter


Okay, so we're not buried in snow or below freezing, but we live in the SOUTH, we're not supposed to be!! It's supposed to be BEACH weather year round, right!? Otherwise, what's the point of the Gulf, the sand, the palm trees!?! <--- can you hear the I'm cold and freaking out in my voice!?


Mother Nature has turned it down ~FOR WHAT!?!~ and frosted our lives this week...

My Ohio friend jokes, "Sweet little southerner!! Thirty degrees is Capri pant weather!"
I know I know, I have to remind myself that 15 years ago I lived up there. Wait, 15 years!? I'm pretty sure my body has acclimated to WARMTH now. I can't handle the cold like this ~ I have always been a summer baby!

So yeah, it's January. It's winter. It's cold. I don't have a good point for this post honestly. Maybe to make my northern friends giggle? How many layers do you have on!? Hee hee hee *kisses*

BUT, do you know what happens to RV's in the cold? They FREEZE! That's sort of a pain in the butt (and also why RV'ers shoot south for the winter. We call them snow birds. So much for the southern sun now!).
We have to unplug from water and drain our RV's so the lines don't freeze. Frozen lines mean broken lines. So yeah, I'm brushing my teeth with a water bottle. If I lived up north there are solutions like heating coils and warming tape and blankets...all sorts of tricks to keep it all livable, but it's not worth it here for only a couple hard freezes. Ha ha, yeah, only a couple. Listen to me bitching *eye roll. You know my friends in Norway are cold like this almost YEAR ROUND!? No. Just no.

I'm not really cold; REALLY, we are good! I have a furnace and a space heater and a giant chocolate lab. This place warms up QUICK! ~ it's luxury! Wanna come over and visit? Bring wine!

We are happy in our tiny warm space even if we don't have running water in the a.m. #RVlife ;) ;) ;) ;)