If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Team Zoot 2016

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I'm SO proud to announce that I will remain on Team Zoot through 2016.
I can't tell you how much these AMAZING athletes inspire me! How much I love this brand! And how excited I am to be a part of it all again.

Born in Kona, Hawaii, Zoot is a global leader in endurance sports. They specialize in performance apparel, wetzoots, footwear, and accessories. 
There isn't a Zoot product I use that I don't love. Top notch quality and comfort.


Here's another reason I love being on Team Zoot. Like MOST athletes, I'm average at best. I can win my age group in a small local race. I can be competitive and race hard and bring home the hardware. But generally speaking, that's not me. I'm in the middle of the pack; sometimes just ahead of them and sometimes just behind them. I train hard, I tri hard, I Coach hard and I love EVERY SINGLE SECOND of being a triathlete. Most of my teammates on Team Zoot are INCREDIBLY IMPRESSIVE athletes! They are winning the ENTIRE race! They are qualifying for Kona and then crushing the course!! They are lean and mean and green. <--- okay, they're not green but I felt like I needed a third word to rhyme.


Their stats are IMPRESSIVE. They amaze me and inspire me. Their success fires me up and makes me want to be a better me. They make me want to Coach and train my athletes even stronger. They motivate me! And I'm so humbled that they want me to be a  part of that group. They WANT me on their team. They HAND SELECT me out of hundreds of applicants. Talk about an ego boost!! It kind of makes me feel like, maybe I'm one of them too !?!? Of COURSE I am, just a few (several many hundred) athletes back... HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!


But for real,  I couldn't be happier to be a part of this sexy group again. I love all my Zoot gear. My TT's are my favorite shoes ever, my tri kits are comfortable and flattering, I'm always rocking something Zoot and I encourage you to take a peak and TRI Zoot too!!