If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

It's the little things

I don't know if it's coming with age or with growth or experience, but I'm holding on more and more, believing in, and putting my trust into the little things. I can't believe how the simplest thought or "goodnight" means the world to me. A small gift or photo, "I saw this, and thought of you." Or a reminder, "I'm here for you." It sort of just lifts my spirit in an instant. It makes me appreciate you. It makes me see kindness and generosity. It makes me want to be a better person.

Do you realize what an impact you make with such a little thing?
Sort of blows your mind, right?

Even though I'm still 100mph in your eyes, I've honestly slowed wayyyyy down. In my head anyway. And in my heart. I've always been sensitive, a bit of a softy...
but I'm making it a point to look, listen, love, appreciate, be honest and pure, remember, relax, and giggle OFTEN. When you're on my mind, I tell you. When I'm grateful, I thank you. When I'm hurting, I share. I'm paying attention to moments. All the little moments that make up my big world. And I'm admiring your moments. Your happiness and celebrations are coming to life inside of me.
I feel like so much jealousy and anger, resentment and tension has been recently lifted from my soul. The work I've been putting in myself, I'm feeling those changes and really appreciating them ~little by little.

My heart is sort of just open right now and I'm talking, but I have a lesson to share too...

Life is in the details, in the moments. Pay attention to them and share them; celebrate them!
When you see something and think, "Oh Lisa (or Jill or David or insert friend) would LOVE that", take a picture and send it to them. Tell them you're thinking about them or miss them or love them.
I can't imagine someone not appreciating these little things or at least getting a smile out of it. You might make their entire world in one little thought, one little goodnight, or one little photo.

What are your favorite little things?