If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

You Don't Need a Fan Club

"Well it's easy for you, you have a fan club."

I promise you, that doesn't make anything easy for me.
In fact, it makes things a little...well, I don't want to say difficult. But it makes life, different. DIFFERENT. You know me; I don't know you... (whole other blog post here)...
But I promise you, you don't need a fan club to be amazing.

I'm very lucky to have a load of friends, fans, and family that support me every step of the way, but it's not necessary for success. In fact, the whole first year I was doing this, y'all didn't even know me! GASP!

It wasn't even until April of last year that I started this blog and really branched out my "fan club". I call it a "fan club", with the quotes, because I roll my eyes. It's not a fan club, it's a network of FRIENDS, FAMILY, and people who care about me (or don't), supporting me. It's no different than most of you, mine is just publicized on social media and my blog.
Which by the way, yes, I have a huge presence on social media, but that doesn't mean I'm sitting on the computer or my phone all day (probably another whole blog post here too).

Celebrations are better shared. No one to celebrate with? I'll be your fan club!! Your BIGGEST fan!! But don't do it for me. Don't do it for a fan club, do it for you!! Be your OWN fan club!!