If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Hittin the Road...


I've been waiting to release this for weeks!!
I've been so excited about what's next but focusing hard on what's now.
But now, now is complete and NEXT is NOW!!!

For the next several months, 'Freeda Wander' will be in Texas to Ohio to California and beyond...

Yep, I bought the RV to fulfill some wild journey and I'm leaping into it come May.
I'm starting my journey in Texas for final Ironman Texas preparation and explore Houston and area. Did you know the motto for Texas is "friendship"? The word "Texas" actually originates from "teyshas", a Caddo Indian word meaning "friends" or "allies". Lucky for me one of my BEST friends lives in Texas so I'm pumped to spend some time with her and her family.
I've also been offered a position as 'camp help' to fund my stay. Bonus!

Specific details will come day by day, but my intent is to travel North to Ohio. I will be spending at least a month hosting some running and triathlon clinics, visiting friends, and of course,  GOBA (my 350 mile bike trip that my mother and I participate in). From there, I'll travel to Kansas leaving both FW and Jake with Phil while I fly out to California for some more momma time and time with my niece. Mom's doing her first 70.3 and we are going to...DISNEYLAND! Holy moly I'm so excited! We are also going to explore San Francisco, Rodeo Drive, and more. I've never been to California and I'm so pumped up!!

Back to Kansas to pick up FW and Jake, a quick trip back to the Coast, and then we're cruising West! I have to visit Amy in Washington - man I miss her!! And then down the West Coast, holla at Vicki, hit the beaches, see anything and everything I NEED WANT CAN see... all the way back to Arizona.

Next up is Ironman Barcelona. WOW, SPAIN. Hey Kim, we're going to SPAIN! This is going to be an EPIC adventure. I can already feel it. Gonna do a quick little Ironman there then bike across Spain. Yeah, you heard me right, BIKE ACROSS SPAIN (after an Ironman!?).

Somewhere in all that, I'll be back on the Gulf Coast for a few triathlon events and water my roots that I've planted. Oh, and get my braces worked on <--- that's been extended a couple months. Oi.

I am blessed with an opportunity to ADVENTURE across America. I can't wait to explore more of this beautiful country and share my journey's with you. I'm excited to reach out and touch more lives. I'm excited to spread love, joy, happiness, triathlon, and hopefully make an impact, empower, and INSPIRE more to TRI SOMETHING DIFFERENT! Yeah, I'm scared. And it's gonna get lonely on the road. And I'm going to MISS THE HECK out of my coast life. But I'll be right here and I'll be back.

Hey, and check it out, I have TWO hats so YOU'RE invited!!...