If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

What Really Makes You Ugly

Do you ever look at a picture and think, WHOA, I am a hot mess! You find a reason to point out ugly, fat, or just UGH?! But then a few years (or even months!!!) later, you see the same photo and you're like, DAMNNN, I look HOT. Look how beautiful I was!! My hair was rocking!... Look at that booty!

Doesn't that kind of prove that beauty is just perspective. Perhaps even in the moment?

So, what if you were able to look in the mirror and think, DAMNNN, I look hot! in this moment? I AM BEAUTIFUL! What if you were able to see through your flaws to all the beauty you are? What if I changed your perspective of what makes you "ugly"?

Once I tell you what really makes you ugly, you will be able to see yourself for all the amazingness and beauty that you ARE...


Insulting yourself on a regular basis makes you ugly. Practice healthy vanity ~ feeling good about the way you look. Being okay with those few extra pounds while working hard to defeat them. Loving your crooked nose or hairy mole.
Be confident!

Insulting OTHERS makes you ugly.
Be kind!

Not being yourself makes you ugly. What's sad, other people can't always tell if you're being yourself or not. So you may appear beautiful. But here's a little secret, true character always reveals itself.
Be you!

Not smiling.
Be happy!

Selfishness. Excessive concern with self + disregard for others.
Be selfLESS!

Pessimism and/or grimness ~being miserable and unhappy and negative about everything. No one wants to be around all that negativity.
Be positive!

See, it's not about looks. It's not about body appearance. It's about WHO YOU ARE. Your behavior and actions.
A good person will see the beauty in you.
Our brains are hard wired to LIKE nice people. So...
Be nice!

When you're feeling ugly, remember, beauty is in the heart. Beauty is in the WHO you are.