If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Borgne to Eat

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The next time you're in New Orleans, Borgne is a must eat stop! Even if you're not hungry, grab a small GOURMET appetizer with ingredients you can pronounce, fair size, and unbelievable flavor! With the Crescent City Classic 10k Expo behind us, we agreed to grab some lunch at Borgne. Even though the hotel was packed full, the restaurant was quick to seat (and serve) us. <--- It's in the Hyatt Regency. To be honest, I never would have stopped if not for my friends I was with. It looked like a typical poshy hotel restaurant where the food is overpriced and not good. Friends said, Brian Landry is a genius chef. I trusted them...


We started with bacon wrapped duck poppers (not pictured) and broiled oysters (see above). One word for both: WOW! My friends did not lie. The food felt light and what a magical combination of flavor! I was nervous about the oysters. I'm not sure I've had one before?? The whole 'slimy' going down my throat freaks me out. But they aren't slimy! They taste like seafood. And garlic and butter. "You could soak a shoe in garlic and butter and it'd taste good." says Frank Lund. He's right! But luckily the slathered was as tasty as the slather.


I chose an appetizer for my meal, shrimp avocado flat bread. It was light but filling and full of flavor! I loved the crunch of the flat bread and the avocado spread (so much tastier than chunks). The pickled onions and cheese made for a perfect taste combination. I didn't even offer my friends a bite. No way, all mine!


Brandon ordered the tuna salad. Although not what was expected, it was still divine! Cooked yet raw to perfection on top of a white bean hummus with an olive tapenade. It's pretty and he said, pretty impressive.


Ed ordered this ^^ and WHOA! What a manly sandwich! I don't think he spoke a single word the entire sandwich. I mean, do you blame him!? Check that poppa out!!


And Charlene chose the shrimp poboy (sauce on the side). Again, an overflow of seasoned shrimp inside the perfect bread - crispy on the outside, soft and airy on the inside. I couldn't stop eating her french fries!

Our service was friendly and professional. It was an expensive lunch but Borgne has a great atmosphere and beautifully delicious food!!