If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Ironically, I feel shamed.

Dear "fat mom of 5 who said, 'I'm much happier being fat'",

I saw you on the Today show and went back and had to read your blog post. As someone who is fighting to get the fat off and spread health and fitness across our community, it made me sick! It made me angry! Most of all,


Your whole premise is that being thin didn't make you happy but now being fat does.
You are trying to convince the world that reaching their fitness goals will also lack happiness.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret.
You're discouraging "thin" because you're not.

You've made a page full of excuses to justify your weight gain. Oh, you mean LIFE?
While some of your behavior during "physical hotness" time was extreme, you've also turned extremely healthy behavior unfavorable.

There's nothing wrong with counting calories, running, and/or tracking your habits.
There's also nothing wrong with being fat or thin. If you're HEALTHY <--- ready? That's going to be the key word for the next 4 minutes of reading...

Being healthy is the goal.
I'm sure you're a beautiful person both thin and thick. Here's the thing, you have/HAD a platform to empower others. You have/HAD an opportunity to build woman up; to motivate and inspire busy mothers and broken bodies. You claim yourself you "aspire to inspire". I don't feel inspired by your post, I feel broken down by you for trying to reach my fitness goals. I WANT to be thin.
Ironically, the same post that drove you to write your blog, "People who disrespect the bodies of others, really don't think that much of their own. I promise." Are you not committing the same disrespect? What a poor role model to use your voice in such an adverse manner.

Did someone tell you that thin would make you happy? I'm so sorry that you were lied to to begin with. Of course skinny won't make you happy, there's so much more to it than that. But you know what, fat isn't going to make you happy either! Your happiness isn't coming from being fat. Your happiness is coming from letting go of a preconceived notion that thin was going to make you happy.

I know a lot of women that would KILL to be a size 4, would KILL to have a six pack. Not because they think it'll make them happier (necessarily), but it will make them more confident. Confidence=beauty and actually, YES, that does make people happier. And more importantly, HEALTHY! But being "thin" or "skinny" i.e. eating appropriately and exercising is HEALTHY! That cake and pizza and ice cream you're encouraging your readers to go home and eat is UNHEALTHY.

Next, I don't believe you. You may have been obsessive with your workouts, tracking your calories, and maintaining that size 4, but you're telling me, when you look in the mirror now you're joyed by your unhealthy behaviors? I just don't believe you. You don't go from working so hard for yourself to caring so little. Where's your BALANCE?

3) You're promoting unacceptable behavior. Do you know that obesity is running ramped in our society? Obesity is dangerous. Indulging in cake and pizza and ice cream promotes dangerous behavior. Obesity/being fat isn't a cosmetic problem. Coronary heart disease. High blood pressure. Stroke. Diabetes. Abnormal blood fats. Metabolic syndrome. Cancer. Osteoarthritis. Sleep apnea.
Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome. Reproductive problems. Gallstones. It affects all areas of ones life.
You went from one extreme to the other... where's the middle ground? I would encourage, stay away from the O's. Obsessiveness and Obesity. I'm pretty sure what lies in the middle is HEALTHY.

The world wants you to be healthy. There are whole industries built to help. They are real and they work. The world wants you to believe that thin or thick, HEALTHY = HAPPY. It wants you to be confident and a make a difference and spread joy. <--- That is beautiful.
So chick, just as you complain that skinny won't make you happy I argue, neither will fat.

People don't hate fat people. I don't hate you.
People do fat shame. It's sad. People are mean.
People skinny shame too.
I feel shamed.
Ironic isn't it?

I think you wrote this piece because you don't like who you've become and you needed to justify the unhealthy behavior that you are addicted to.
You needed the world to be okay with it...

so you can be okay with it.

All opinions written here are my own. I don't know this chick Joni. I just saw her on tv and it fired me up. I encourage a healthy lifestyle not a body type. I don't care if you're 100lbs or 180lbs.
Be healthy to be happy. Thanks for reading!

I encourage you to read the original article before forming your own opinion...
original article by Joni Edelman