If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

What Made You Fall In Love?


I’ve never been good at anything in my life. I never played sports. I never played a musical instrument. I couldn’t draw, paint, or build. I couldn’t dance. I wasn’t overly smart with amazing grades. I didn’t have that one special talent or skill that makes your parents beam with pride, show up for with a camera exclaiming “that’s my daughter, that’s my daughter!!” And even going into grown up life, I wasn’t very good at college either. Now, I was good at waiting tables and bartending. I had this knack for guessing people's professions. Man, I’d hit that nail on the head every time! But I didn’t want to make a life out of guessing people's professions. Or waiting tables! But joining the Army, I discovered that I was a leader. And at times, a VERY good one, but even the whole ‘follow the rules’ thing, I wasn’t very good at it…

Now don’t get me wrong, I never felt like a failure or worthless or anything, I think I was just going through life (unknowingly) without a true passion.

I think that’s why when I did my first triathlon in 2010 I got so hooked. HEY, I’m good at this! And maybe GOOD isn’t the most appropriate word but triathlon gave me SOMETHING. Immediately after that first one, I knew I wanted another and bigger and longer. I knew I had to keep training. I’ve never felt that sense of accomplishment before. It was like a feeling that I had been searching for my whole life but didn’t know it until I discovered it.

The coolest part was as I continued to do it, that feeling got better and better, bigger, stronger. My goodness, and then Ironman, I’ve never felt so proud and amazed at myself in my life! And over there was my mom with her camera exclaiming, “That’s my daughter, that’s my daughter!!” And even exhausted and in pain at that finish line, I knew I wanted another. And another! And another.

That was it. I was in love. I felt good at something. I felt proud of me. I felt like people I loved were proud of me. Triathlon burns deep inside of me; it fires me UP! I can’t even explain how passionate I am about it (I think y’all know ;) and it has lead to such a healthy positive lifestyle that just continues to grow and grow and grow! Everyday I feel like a stronger better healthier happier person. Everyday I want to reach more people and share this life with you. I want you to experience the sense of accomplishment and pride in doing something that you never thought possible. And maybe it’s not triathlon. For me, it’s deep, but maybe it’s just a random hobby for you, that’s FINE... the point is, you’re not living until you’re pursuing your passion.

There is nothing I feel like I can’t do now. Sure I still have my comfort zone. It’s cozy…but I don’t let fear, the unknown, or impossibilities dictate my life anymore. I’ve never felt more free in my heart; I’ve never believed in myself like I do now. And I hope that you find that in your journey too.

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