If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

The Traveling Triathlete: When It Just Won't Fit


I'm not talking about traveling FOR a triathlon, I'm talking about what do you do when you travel and you're TRAINING for a triathlon (or any event!!) !?!?

Business traveling and training do not always play nice together... Typically you're traveling on the companies dime and they aren't real keen on the extra luggage (errr, bicycles and trainers) on the plane. And no matter how hard ya try, that dang trainer just won't fit! Not to mention, once you are where you're going, you're probably full of meetings, agendas, schedules, and deadlines. Work is groovy, you gotta make a living... But you gotta make time for #1 too!

So, here's my advice for The Traveling Triathlete (insert dramatic music)...

~If it's possible, always take your own bicycle and trainer (this is obviously if you're driving to your destination). Set it up in the room and get your rides in before, after, or in between meetings. If that's not possible, utilize the facilities in the hotel. These days nearly EVERY hotel has at least a stationary bike. If they don't, ask them if they're partnered with any neighboring hotels for use of THEIR gym. Seriously, it's a real thing!

~You can't always run anywhere. Check with the front desk attendant before you hit the streets running in your hotel hood. It could be dangerous out there! Also Google local run groups or local run shops to see if they have any training groups. Safety in numbers. And you'll make some new friends! Worst case scenario, take it to the treadmill. Look, a workout is a workout and you've gotta get it done! A triathlon won't train for itself!

~The swim. This is the tricky one. Try to find a local Y or fitness club with a pool. Call them before hand and tell them you're only in town for a short time and you'd like to chat with someone about using their facilities. Tell them what you're training for; sometimes they're so impressed, they'll give you a free pass during your visit! No pool? Substitute a body workout. You can actually Google "swimmers strength training workouts" for some killer workouts! They are going to work the same muscles that a swim would work. It isn't ideal but again ^^^ gotta train!

~Don't forget your gear! Running shoes are a MUST for travel. Bathing suit, goggles, and at least 3 training "outfits". All of this is totally packable (unlike your trainer-bleh!).

~Finally, don't screw up your nutrition. You're on a business trip not vacation; don't go crazy! Make healthy choices. That's all I need to say about that.

Balancing travel and training isn't going to be easy. You've gotta work with what you have. You might have to get up a little earlier or stay up a little bit later. You might have to fit in what you can get in; be flexible. It might not be ideal, but you'll be happy you did it in the long run.

If you ever need any training traveling tips, suggestions, or workouts, you contact your favorite TOA girls ;)