If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Remember that one time at IMAZ….


Hey Lisa, remember that time we flew out to Arizona with Kristen, and stayed up for nearly 24 hours volunteering and nearly causing a riot by starting to camp out in front of the above sign at 7 pm?

18 weeks! 126 days till IRONMAN ARIZONA!

It feels like just yesterday that we were there creating life time friends and getting amped at the fact that we were going to sign up for an IRONMAN!

**Doing the moon walk**

Both Lisa and I are super jammed to get back to the normal grind of training. Its become so ingrained into our daily lives, that we almost don't know what to do with ourselves when we ARENT training. Though Lisa actually raced this weekend, there is nothing like a big race in the distance to give you butterflies! 

Also super pumped to know that Kristen (pretty lady w/awesome hair above) will be getting to do her first Ironman! OMG, I am shaking inside! 

Lisa is this real?!?! 

Lets do this! Fist pump! Now lets take a selfie!

P.S We WILL be sharing our training for IMAZ with everyone this time! Follow along!