If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

I am, They Packed and Totally Ready

"Hey Christina! How are yooooouuuuuuuu?!" <--- normal reaction from normal friend.

"Um, HELLO?! ARE YOU ALIVE?! DID YOU DIE?!?! ARE YOU IGNORING ME?!?!" <--- real reaction from real friend.

LOL <--- I even laugh at my own life.

I am alive. 
I am fine. <-- egh.
I am happy. <-- borderline bullshit
I am moving (like literally, boxes are everywhere). 

I am kinda/sorta working out. 
I am kinda/sorta hiding from my laptop (lost my charger for a day, and that totally wasn't my fault)

They packed my bike shoes.
They packed my bike rack.
They packed my computer charger.
They packed the gun (but left the canoli, anyone?)

They unpacked/dug/freaked out/found the charger AND the gun.

They didn't pack my house keys (they were right where I left them, but first I of course had to flip out).
They didn't pack the crayons.
They didn't pack certain make up (??).
They didn't pack the piggy banks.
They didn't pack the clothes that were in the dryer (ok, that MIGHT have been my fault).

I am hiding from NO ONE.
I am hiding from the fact everyone wants to say good bye (c'mon people I am going to throw some magic dust in the air and make you think that I am still here).
I am hiding from Facebook (and it feels MARVELOUS <--- totally sang that)
I am hiding from the fact I know I am going to have to cram so much crap that WASNT packed into my tiny ass car.

Totally ready to leave.
Totally ready to get back into workout routine.
Totally ready for non-infested flesh eating bacteria beach.
Totally ready for more humidity.
Totally ready for anyone & everyone to come and visit me (but there just may be boxes EVERYWHERE).
Totally ready to feel normal.
Totally ready to stop eating like complete garbage.

Thank you to those that understand I just work this way.
Thank you to all who have said hi.
Thank you to funny arse videos that have been lifting my spirits.
Thank you to dominos for being 50% off orders this week.
Thank you for texts that make me happy.
Thank you.

Please just let me do what I do (I promise I will come back to life).
Please tell Walmart to carry whipped icing cake so I can buy one at 10pm and eat the whole flipping thing.
Please continue to share funny things with me on Facebook (I creep on everyone in awhile).
Please continue with the snap chats (they are like little presents to my life, because I love stalking your life).

"Hi! Yes, I am alive. I did not die (but kinda feel dead inside). No, I am not ignoring you (but totally don't know how to deal with the world right now)." <--honest answer, from an honest friend.