If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Always A Day Late


I really think she's the only person on earth that would regift a birthday card. MY MOM!

You know what though, I LOVE IT! It means so much more when it's been passed down in the family, right!? I cracked up laughing when I got it. The funniest part, it's not like she forgot my birthday and had to act fast last minute. No, she got the card for HER birthday and consciously thought, 'I'm going to recard this to Lisa'. Ha ha ha!!
"What, it was a good card!?"
Knowing that she mailed it ON my birthday was even better. Ya see...

Now is a good time to tell you that for a good 20 years, I thought Valentine's Day was February 15th, Easter was Monday, and Halloween was November 1st. You can't make this stuff up people...
We could always count on Christmas though! However, now thinking about it, it seems to me like we always got what we wanted this year, next year... hmmmmm...

Never a dollar short, but always a day late.

Our biggest fan... love you momma!