If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Wolf, Friends, Roast, Luca, and Stairs: Accountability


Monday, Jan 6, 2020 - Happy La Befana Day. Guys, this is the weirdest holiday in Italy... Witches bringing you dirty socks full of candy? Burning fires in the square? I just don't get it...
So anyway, it's not a holiday in the states so I spent the rest of the day in meetings and working! And walking my wolf. Does anyone else's dog's shadow look like a WOLF!?
BIKE 13 miles + Butt workout


Tues, Jan 7 - good morning gray skies. Ick!! And how did I sleep until 9am anyway! The best part of the morning, I went to the pool!! 1,500 meter swim. WOO!
Have you seen those FB or Snapchat pics w/animals on your head? Mine is real life. Ha!
SWIM 1,500 meters

Weds, Jan 8 - errands and Sarzana which included a coffee with new friends. After, a 3.4 mile afternoon run. Now, home to work! Later, a pizza midweek respite w/my international tri girls. Today was the day of FRIENDS. Of which whom I am SO grateful for. Real friends. The kind who always have my back - through good and bad, thick and thin. They don't flake out when the going gets tough or if they disagree w/me. They just love me. And they're here. And damn I love good friends.
RUN 3.4 miles

Speaking of good friends, I'm helping a close friend establish his new blog - My Journey to Be. This is his long and winding road to be healthier, to be an Ironman, to be a better man, to be...
Dude has accomplished some serious success to include huge weight loss, confidence, and even though he just missed the cutoff time, and doesn't count it as a finish, finished Ironman Texas *wink* Paul!!


Thurs, Jan 9 - woke up with motivation to do all the things... spent the next 5 hours deep scrubbing my house! How did I manage to get nothing else accomplished!? I mean, I worked and got plenty done but I also did not swim, did not bike, nor did I run. LISA!!!! I went from putting all the pressure on myself to train daily to putting no pressure. I need a kick in the ass!! At least I'm not neglecting Jake's exercise needs ^ And my house is clean. Luca is coming home tomorrow!!!


Fri, Jan 10 - my Luca is coming home today for the weekend!!! Quick run w/a few hill repeats for 3 miles and a quick stop at grocery for crock pot roast prep!! Tied up work ends so I can disappear with my Luca for the weekend.
RUN 3 miles


Sat, Jan 11 and Sun, Jan 12 - the weekend is ours.
But we did climb some 2,000 stairs. What a workout!! My right calf, lower back, and all leg muscles ACHE!! We also did our first couples challenge with friends from back home - bake a pie, together, but one must be blindfolded while the other guides with hands. The other can only speak a total of 3 lines of directive. It was adorably romantic.