If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

The first week of January


Wednesday, Jan 1, 2020 - Happy New Year! I am so excited to see what awaits us in 2020. 2020, just wow!! Explored Orvieto with my love before making the 4 hour drive home from Rome to Sarzana (solo; Luca will remain in Rome through January for a mission). What an ADORABLE little city way up on a mountainside and the most glorious Duomo!


Thursday, Jan 2 - welcome home run. 2 miles. That was enough! My legs felt like logs and my feet bricks. This is what happens when you take so much time off, fill yourself with German schnitzel, Czech beers, and Roman pizza :O I also cleaned my house, did laundry, worked, blogged, athlete updates, played frisbee with Jake, small grocery and got cash, and reorganized our storage room. Does anyone else have to strangle their dog for morning kisses!? HAAA!
RUN 2 miles


Friday, Jan 3 - spent the day working and home. Butt workout challenge day 1 <-- hee hee, yeah I know ;) I'm also starting something that I never thought I would - Harry Potter! Luca bought me the first book for Christmas asking me to have an open mind and give it a shot. Okay Okay... I'm in.
(update - I'm 5 chapters in and besides HATING the Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin, I love it!)


Saturday, Jan 4 - 4 mile run. I'm going to slowly build my mileage back up. I still feel weak in my right leg/hip/glutes/hamstring - I don't even know where. My right leg is just WEAK. I'm sure there's something more going on than I even know but it doesn't stop me. So.
A nice simple pasta lunch and went about my day working!
RUN 4 miles

I need to decide on a spring race!!


Sunday, Jan 5 - I was going to go out for a bike today - like for real, real life, outside ride. And then I didn't. I'm down. I can't explain. It's the downs of depression. And my brother is heavy on my mind. I fucking hate cancer. Man how I'd love to call him up right now for a chat. I took for granted those final days with him. I wish I could get a little bit closer. Tell him how important he is to me.
I finally got on the trainer for a 45min sweat session. And a butt workout. So. At least I did that.

Also spent some time running and taking selfies with my Jake.
(update, I finally biked outside on Monday!!)