If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Swim, KickR, Run and Depression - Weekly Accountability

Despite a rather cold and wet week, I was able to get some training sessions in and lots of Jake love. This boy is so spoiled! What dog gets to run and play in an olive orchard everyday!? He's my forever puppy.
The week ended battling depression and loneliness. At least I'm all caught up on Netflix *rolling eyes*

Monday, Jan 13, 2020 - Hard morning waking up without my love.
I needed a run and the shining sun was calling my name! I was going to do some speed intervals but it felt so good to just run. I did mile repeats at RPE 4-5 w/1min walk in between each. My back is still a little beat up from our stair hike so this was smart effort.
Work and meetings to follow! Oh, I did my butt workout too!
RUN 4 miles, Butt Workout


Tuesday, Jan 14 - woke up early for an exam: Stress Management Coach - PASSED!
It's a rainy day. We managed to grab our 1 mile walk in between light showers. And of course, working. I also did an upper body workout today w/stretchy bands along w/my butt workout.
My intention is to go swim tomorrow...
WALK 1 mile, Arm/Back/Shoulder Workout, Butt Workout


Weds, Jan 15 - another rainy day. On the KickR though for two back to back sessions (25mins sprints and 30mins steady). Got an awesome package from Mississippi today from Eddie. My own custom Kona award. It's amazing! My favorite award EVER; isn't it beautiful!
Jake and I's walk was only .5 mile due to the cold wet day.
BIKE - KICKR 55mins, WALK .5 miles, Butt Workout


Thurs, Jan 16 - cold and rainy yet again. I've got a pellet stove cleaner guy coming this morning so I can't go anywhere anyway. Feeling really homesick this morning and missing Luca.
I feel I have an endless list of tasks that need accomplished that I just can't quite get to.

No luck with the stove - it's been installed SO fucked up that they wouldn't even attempt to clean it. If you guys knew our houses' owner, you would understand. At least I got a few errands done!
On the KickR for back to back short sessions, intervals and steady again.
My favorite part of my day was my tuna poke bowl NOM NOM NOM!
BIKE - KICKR 55mins, Arm/Back/Shoulder Workout, Butt Workout


Fri, Jan 17 - oh man, the sun is finally shining!! But we're expecting more rain... Just gotta do anything I need to do while I've got the sun. The intent is to swim and run today.
Yes yes yes I went and swam! But it was ice cold despite the sun (which faded by the afternoon) I didn't run. I'm such a wuss when it's cold. The cold here is wet; that's the biggest booger. I have a long run scheduled for this weekend anyway.
SWIM 2,000 meters


Sat, Jan 18 - the sun peeking through my windows got me dressed and out in a hurry to run! It was a rough start, I felt slow and heavy (PMSing) but man it feels so good to get that mileage.
Jake play to follow!
RUN 8 miles

Sun, Jan 19 - fighting depression today. I chatted with my mom for 2.5 hours last night on the phone which is just what I thought I needed but then woke up feeling lonely and lost. Homesick, alone, and PMSing is not a good combination. I literally did nothing today. #NetflixBinge

Weekly Totals:
Swim x 1 @ 2000 meters
Bike x 2 KickR (4 sessions) @ 2 hours
Run x 2 @ 12 miles
^ this all needs some serious improvement! Next week is a clean slate!

"You will never always be motivated so you must learn to be disciplined."