If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Just a week and Futurism for the weekend: Weekly Accountability

Monday, Jan 20, 2020 - 1/20/20 - that's fun! Good Monday morning. I have cheer this morning but damn my nights of sleep have been lousy! I just wake up all throughout the night. Ah! Just sleep!
After some morning work and chores (and coffee and books)...I got on the trainer for back to back BIKE 45mins and 40mins KickR sessions.

Tues, Jan 21 - 3 mile run, errands, and work today. Oh and an upper body workout.
RUN 3 miles

Weds, Jan 22 - 45mins on the KickR. I'm falling back in that funk. Depression is the worst!
BIKE KickR 45mins

Thur, Jan 23 - to the pool today to get beat up swimming.
SWIM 2,000 meters

Fri, Jan 24 - I get my Luca for the weekend. And then one more week of loneliness. Why do I have to focus on the bad? Instead of being excited for the weekend, I'm already dreading next week. How stupid! I'll be honest, I'm mostly depressed right now. I have faith it's temporary and has a lot to do with my environment, the loneliness, and the weather. But sometimes it's so hard. And while, thank God, I don't go to that deep dark hole much anymore, it's still just hard. Depression is lonely. Being without Luca is lonely. Being away from friends and family is lonely. Yeah, you can say I'm lonely.
It's temporary Lisa. Okay, back to my weekend with Luca...

Sat, Jan 25 & Sun, Jan 26 - the whole weekend escaped me with no training. Luca and I just spent the time together. Sometimes you need that. Mostly, I needed that!
We spent Saturday in Pisa and Sunday with the sun. Luca did a BBQ at home before heading back to Rome. One more week away.
p.s. it's now Monday and I'm feeling much more positive <3