If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

The Woes of Travel


We all have a nightmare travel story, don't we? Luggage lost, missed flights, sitting on the Tarmac for hours, crying babies...

"Airline travel is hours of boredom interrupted by moments of stark terror." ~Al Boliska

Doesn't it seem like you're ALWAYS the one to get stopped for a full bag search or a customs search? Or you're ALWAYS the one who's bags come up missing? I mean, how hard is it to transfer bag from plane to conveyor belt!? What the heck happens back there!? And I've never understood why the back of the plane passengers are in Group 4 and 5. Why am I tripping all over everyone when I could just get on the plane FIRST!? I think they randomly select your "group". I know it's a tried effort, but let me fix this for you: put the last row on first and go from there. Or how about Southwest and their "seat yourself" program (insert raised eyebrows with a wtf question mark above head), does this work!?

The best trip of your life can end in misery with airport travel.
The limited space. The smells. People and all their noises. Rudeness, impatience, tired, and grumpy ~ it can be awful!

I really do love to travel though; by road or air, I love the excitement and adventure. But I also feel the same frustrations and want to pull out hair and punch faces by the time I get home. I've had to talk myself out of screaming several times in the last 24 hours as an hour and 45 minutes of sitting on the tarmac in Miami on my way to Dallas resulted in a missed flight from Dallas to Kansas (my final destination where my Jakey baby awaits me!!). Then to find out there's not another seat to get me there for 2 days. Looks like I'll be exploring Dallas... except... where the heck is my bag!? Well thank goodness, I just found out it's in Kansas without me... but that leaves me with the clothes on my back and short some hygiene products. Oh no!! It wouldn't be so bad, but now they want me to wait at the airport on standby for several other flights that might be able to get me there (like going back through Atlanta or Chicago). Can't I just go play in Dallas!?

I guess coordinating over 90,000 flights a day with over 8 million people might be kinda tough...

I'll take my two night hotel voucher and meal tickets and mind my own business if you just let me out of this stinking airport! I have some Texas exploring to do!!