If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Sleeping at 90*


As in 90* ANGLE not 90* temperature.

Ya see, what had happened was...
Mom and I arrived in Sedona kinda late on Thursday night (do I need to explain why? Yeah, might as well... QUICKLY... Mom had some work to do in Flagstaff. A meeting. So while she did that she dropped me off downtown. Shops, bars, cute, boutiques. I was looking at a dress (no surprise) and dropped my phone. A good LONG (<--- sarcasm) 3 foot drop. My screen SHATTERED. In a Lifeproof case. AHHH!! Mom we HAVE to go to Sprint immediately. She needed an upgrade on her phone anyway so we went. She walked away with a new phone, I walked away with a piece of paper to file an insurance claim. Dang it! And Lifeproof will be hearing from me. Lifeproof. HA!).
So now we're arriving in Sedona late. All the campgrounds are full at this point so we have to camp up top. I don't really understand what this means quite yet...

We travel down a Forest Road. Gravel. Dark. A little sketchy. Until we find what kind of looks like maybe people have camped here before. I mean, there's a fire ring, so it's spend the nightable, right!? With the lights from the Jeep, we scour the area for the flattest, softest piece of land. We are on a mountain. There's no flat. There's no soft. Hey, we brought COTS! So it's okay. We set up the tent quickly. It looks so Blair Witch! We've got a full moon shining down through tall pine trees on top of a desolate mountain in the middle of... um, where are we!? Creepy freaky!! I've got a knife and I will so cut someone...thing?? Are there bears in Arizona!? And are Elk violent? Mountain goats? Lions!? My goodness, I don't even know! I've got a knife.


^ Blair Witch ?! ^

I go to set the cots up in the tent and it literally slides down to the other side of the tent. Uhh, mom, this isn't going to work (as I show her again the cot sliding across the tent floor). Maybe my body weight will weigh it down not to slide, I climb on the cot... annnnnd slide to the other side of the tent nearly knocking mom down. We are cracking up laughing at this point ~ who camps on the SIDE of a mountain anyway! No worries, we have sleeping pads. Pull those out, lay them down, lay on top and literally, slide down to the other side of the tent. Is this serious!? We have to make it work *shrug* Mom ends up at the "bottom" being held in place by the side of the tent. I'm at an L angle to her sleeping at what feels like a 90* angle. I spent the entire night climbing back up my sleeping mat and holding onto my sleeping bag for dear life. I dreamt that I was clinging to the side of a mountain because I WAS!


^Illustration of tent on mountain ^

With maybe only minutes of sleep at a time, I'm up super early to get the heck out of there. I'm ready to hike the mountains of Sedona and explore some vortex sites! I stumble out of the tent (because I have to walk like I haven't had my V8) and cook us up some eggs (down the side of the pan since life is at 90* right now)... We pack up and head out. Thank goodness the blood that rushed to my feet all night began it's normal circulation pattern by mid-morning...


^ the corner/bottom of the tent where we both ended up ^

Needless to say, we weaseled our way into a legit campground/site for night 2. More to come!!