If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Accountability: 7 Weeks

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Monday, Aug 10:
8 mile morning run. Did 1 mile loops around the resort. Not so horrible! It went surprisingly fast. I felt strong and rocked 9:30 minute miles.

Our final day, we went on the "Outback Safari" excursion to discover behind the scenes life in the Dominican Republic. Very informational and interesting! Spent the afternoon on the beach, then an hour resting at the pool before a French dinner. The white party sucked us in and warmed us up for...
Dancing. All. Night. Long.


Tuesday, Aug 11:
Up early for travel...
Punta Cana to Miami (slept HARD the entire flight after only 1 hour of sleep <--- big mistake!).
5 hour layover in Miami then on to Dallas en route to Kansas.
Long long long day just to end up delayed for 2 days in Dallas, Texas. Just going to take advantage of the extra time and adventure in Dallas. My training plans for the rest of the week are of course frustrating me, but I'll find a gym tomorrow for a swim, bike, and run.
No training.

Wednesday, Aug 12:
Not only was I delayed, but my bag was sent to Kansas without me! Which means no clothes, no gear, no hygiene. OH NO! No gym. No workouts. No stress release. AHHHHHH!!!
No training.

I'm BACKKKKKKK!!!! #ilovemychocolatelab #girlsbestfriend #triouradventure

Thursday, Aug 13:
Yay, I made it on the flight and made it back to Kansas. Jake has never been happier! With so much to clean up, sleep up, and pack up, I chose to delay training until I get back to Gulfport. We hit the road in the late afternoon. 6 hours of driving today. Slept overnight in the RV at a truck stop.
No training.

Friday, Aug 14:
All day driving. 10ish hours + stops.
No training.


Saturday, Aug 15:
My beautiful bike!!!! I got a solid strong 6 hour bike ride in. 105 miles. Which wasn't an ideal average but I haven't been on my bike in a many minutes!! So I'm really happy. Elated even!! AND... no chafing, no pains, no issues at all! My nutrition was on point. I stay good and hydrated. And honestly, it wasn't even that hot (although my kit and hair was soaked through). Followed that up with a 20 minute brick run. Nothing to brag about there. Just got it done.
Pre-bike: 1 rice cake with 1tbs peanut butter
On bike: 3 Honey Stinger Waffles, 1 Gu, 1 eGel, 4-6 water bottles
Post bike/run: sushi. Come on, do you expect any less!?

So good to be back with some of #teamTOA !!!! Great day with a 1 mile swim, 30 mile bike, and 5+ mile run, and most important, friends. #happy #triouradventure #teamzoot

Sunday, Aug 16:
An early morning in Wiggins, MS for group fun!! Got to meet up with a few TOA athletes and lots of other friends for a swim, bike, run. Managed to get 1 mile in, 2 hour bike with Robin, and 55 minute run (with a few minutes with Georgia). Boy did it suddenly get hot too! The best part was the grill party and social hour we had after. Mimosa's, Chris's famous (and oh my goodness delicious) pulled pork, + lots of meat on the grill and other picnic goodies. It was PERFECT!! What an amazing way to come home and be surrounded by athletes/friends/LOVE!!