If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Accountability: 6 Weeks

Monday, Aug 17:
After a rainy morning, I was excited to see sunshine so I could swim. I moved back onto the Navy Base in Gulfport so the pool is next door. YAY! Once I started swimming I realized how tired I was, probably from the weekend. So I was after 3000m but wrapped it up at 2900. I felt okay about it at one hour.
Later that night I joined Run-N-Tri Monday Fun Run. I ran 2.25 with a TOA athlete and 2 more hard and fast with another friend. 40 minutes total.

Tuesday, Aug 18:
Worked at the shop today. Was able to catch a 1 hour trainer ride after work.

Wednesday, Aug 19:
Grabbed a 2:40 bike this morning followed by lunch with a sweet friend, triathlon prep for Cultivation Nation, and sushi with a friend. Another rainy day kept us out of the pool.

Thursday, Aug 20:
Woke up early to grab a 2:30 run before it got too hot.
Not enough miles to brag about, but definitely a long hot run.


Friday, Aug 21:
2,500m (1.55 mile) swim at the Base this morning as 300 easy, 300 kick, then 6 x 150 pull descend, 6 x 100 pull descend, and 6 x 50 pull descend, and 100 cool down. It was a tough workout!!
Worked at the shop after.

Saturday, Aug 22:
Shot out early for a 90min speed workout on the bike. 20min warm up, 10 x 2mins hard + 2mins recovery, cool down. Topped that with a 20min, 2mile brick run.
Worked at the shop the rest of the day.

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Sunday, Aug 23:
Flint Creek Water Park fun with Team TOA and friends! We swam continuous (open water) for 30mins. Ended up with about 1400 yards. We hit the road for a 3 hour bike ride finishing up HOT, HILLY, WINDY ride with 50 miles and Mimosa's. Love this group of triathletes!!

A solid week. I thought and felt like I had done so much but looking back, it was a bit of a lighter week. I wish I could have hit a longer bike Sunday but I ran out of "cool" morning and HOT AS HECK afternoon moved in quick. I feel good being back on my bike and in a groove. Ironman Barcelona is so close!!