If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Accountability: 5 weeks

Monday, Aug 24:
I didn't have an ideal distance to hit in the pool today as this week is somewhat of a recovery week. I decided on 7 x 500's though and see what happens. From the beginning I felt awful. It seemed that I was swimming through hot molded jell-o. Ugh!! I managed about 2,200m before the Navy Seals jumped in the water and created wake. I was having trouble enough just myself so I called it. 2,200 meters is 1.37 miles ~still well within bragging rights ;)
Spent the afternoon with Amanda working on Cultivation Nation Tri details and the evening with Run-N-Tri and friends for Monday night Fun Run. My favorite part about that, I got to work with a bunch of my Team TOA Elite runners in my princess shoes.


Tues, Aug 25:
Antibiotic shot day!! Last Tuesday of every month I get my shot in the butt. You know, so I don't die!
I wonder what people think in the hospital when I come strutting through in a full Zoot pink triathlon kit !? Hitting 2.5 hours on the bike after...
2.5 successful hours on the bike + 20minute brick run!!
The bike was one of those, big deep breath and enjoy the beauty of the countryside.

Weds, Aug 26:
Met up with an athlete for some bike fun. Ran out of time for my own bike so headed to RNT for a day at the shop. After work I hit the pavement for a good strong 45 minute run. I incorporated some sprint intervals and ended with 5 miles.

Thurs, Aug 27:
It's really a good thing this is a lighter week because I have been BUSY! I managed a 3,500 meter swim on base first thing this morning and then headed to Fairhope to see Katie and Joseph at Pro Cycle and Tri. I was feeling a little pinch in my neck and wanted a tweak on the bike. Can't wait to try her out!!

Friday, Aug 28:
Up early for a 2 hour run. Amanda met me on base and we knocked out 1:15. I finished the last 45 solo and then worked hard getting ready for Cultivation Nation Tri tomorrow (hosting it, not racing it!!)...

Ror rorrh rohhhhh. #yesmydogtalks He's saying thank you people for the birthday wishes!!! #ilovemychocolatelab #triouradventure
Sat, Aug 29:
No workouts for me, just CN Tri for 131 sexy athletes. Great success!!
Today is also Jake's birthday!!

Doing what I love!! #cultivationnationtriathlon is nearly done without a hitch. Thanks to so many!!! #ilovemyjobs #triouradventure #scedp

Sun, Aug 30:
Had a great open water swim with 2 miles even. I was nervous about open water (like usual) but we had two kayakers in the water and I never had any anxiety. Followed that up with a 1 hour fast bike with a few teammates and orange sherbet mimosas.

This was a lighter week and I can't say I'm sad about it! I ended up being so busy with the tri, I don't know how any longer workouts could have been attained. Next week is gonna hurt; and I'm excited!!