If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Accountability: 8 weeks

I realized I really miss having a Coach or someone to report my workouts back to. Remember, I used to keep a weekly recap on here. But then I stopped. Why!? Cause I did my Ironman!? Well I always have another one coming up!! Ironman Barcelona is in 8 weeks.

It sounds so silly but it's kind of like my workout feels more valuable when someone else is looking at it. Is that how my athletes feel too? For the record, I check their workouts every single day.

I don't need someone to cheer me on or yell at me, I just need the accountability. I totally get it.
So I'm back. I'm back to journaling/blogging my weeks leading up to Ironman Barcelona.

I'm going to start RIGHT now...

You got me for 5 hours today rented road bike! I'm hot, I'm dehydrated, my booty hurts, and I'm done with it. 85 miles. Someone remind me never ever EVER travel without my bike again. What the heck was I thinking!? #cantstopwontstop #teamzoot #teamTOA #tr

Monday, Aug 3:
Up super early for a 5 hour bike ride. Said bike is a rented road bike. Have you ever biked 5 hours on a bike that's not yours? I won't sit here and complain... but maybe just this: OUCH!
I sure didn't feel strong but I got it done. 85 miles.
Pre-bike: 1tbs peanut butter on 1 slice of whole wheat bread.
On bike: 1.5 Honey Stinger Waffles, 1 Gu, 1 eGel, SO much water!!

Headed to the pool around 8pm. It was 110* today so the pool was still steaming hot. It was for real hard to breath in there. I wanted 3000 but had to call it quits at 2000.
500 warm up, 500 moderate, 20 x 50 alternating hard and easy (focusing on strong pull during hard and tight kick on easy).
I slept like a dream...

Tuesday, Aug 4: 
Up by 6am for a 50minute tempo run. Mile 1 easy warm up, mile 2, 3, and 4 at 9min pace, mile 4 easy recovery. It was already so warm that getting home, I had to take a cold shower to cool down.

LA Fitness spin class -70minutes. It was a good class. I sweated; worked hard. Good music. 23 miles.


Wednesday, Aug 5:
3000 meter pool swim at LA Fitness (needed the cooler water!) as 500 warm up, 500 hard, 400 pull, 300 hard, 200 pull, 100 hard, 20 x 50 alternating hard and fast and easy. 60 minutes.

Treadmill: 45 mins moderate effort, 5 miles.

Midnight flight...

Thursday, Aug 6: 
Today was a travel day to Punta Cana, Domincan Republic


Friday, Aug 7:
Swam 1/2 mile in 400m pool at the resort. I realize this is a weak swim but they were cleaning it and adding chlorine so it was killing us.
Resort meeting to schedule our weekend events.
Pool, beach, Zumba, foam party, dinner, show. Way too much to drink.

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Saturday, Aug 8:
Reef Explorer excursion - snorkeling, swimming with sharks and stingrays, massages in the middle of the ocean, coral reef, kayaking, beach.
Countryside Buggy excursion.
Dinner, drinks, show, dancing all night.


Sunday, Aug 9:
Surf lessons - 2 hours. Bit it hard at least twice. What a workout!
Pool (swam a few "laps" but too many kids), beach, naps, hibachi/sushi dinner.

Overall the week started out solid. With the vacation to Dominican Republic, you can see it wasn't so easy to swim bike and run although I did workout and move my booty!!

swim, bike, run, SURF!!