If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Let's just call this one, ENLIGHTENMENT


I do not even know how to possibly describe the enlightenment that I received today.
I'm kind of not even going to try.
I'm going to tell you the story of how I came upon this state and I'm going to tell you that I am a new person. I mean, we're new every moment. But I am making a HUGE personal change in myself and I feel 80lbs lighter, am seeing happy in an even brighter light, and I'm excited. I am so excited for a new way of positive living. With each day will bring even more clarity. With every piece of doubt and resistance lifting, I will be a better me, make a stronger impact on you, and truly be the change in this world that I want to see.

After a "girl scout" breakfast and packing up the Jeep, we headed for Cathedral Rock this morning.
*"Girl Scout" explained: as I'm frying up pieces of steak leftover from last nights dinner and slicing an avocado, I comment, "we are such diva's." Mom exclaims, "we aren't diva's, we're girl scouts!" Touché!! Steak and onions, boiled eggs, avocado, and broccoli. Where the hell is my mimosa!?


Cathedral Rock is known to be one of Sedona's major vortex sites.
*Vortex explained: a vortex is the funnel shape created by a whirling fluid or by the motion of spiraling energy. Familiar examples of vortex shapes are whirlwinds, tornadoes, and water going down a drain. A vortex can be made up of anything that flows, such as wind, water, or electricity. Or energy!! A vortex in Sedona is a basically an energy center. They are swirling centers of subtle energy coming out from the surface of the earth. The vortex energy is not exactly electricity or magnetism, although it does leave a slight measurable residual magnetism in the places where it is strongest. "The energy from these vortexes saturates the whole area in and around Sedona, and can be noticed in a subtle but general way anywhere around town. If you actually go to one of the vortex sites, which is where the energy is strongest, it can be a very uplifting experience. The energy you take in at one of these energy centers can stay with you and affect you positively for days afterwards."

The first time I visited Sedona we were actually just driving through on our way from the Grand Canyon. I remarked immediately, Oh My Goodness, I could live here forever right now. It felt so good being there that I was prepared to leave my life right then and there and stay. It was magical. And we didn't even visit the vortex sites! We just stopped for ice cream! I've always wanted to go back and explore. So mom took me...

After a 12 mile hiking day yesterday, we begin today's journey...

Untitled Untitled

^ a Juniper tree.

Approaching Cathedral Rock I was like holy shit, we're going up that!? It's about a 1,000 foot "climb" in .7 miles. It was a "hard" difficulty level, "for experienced hikers only", with steep climbs and a few rock faces to scramble up. And it's honestly not so much the UP as it is the coming back DOWN. However, I actually found the down to be quite thrilling rather than daunting (explained later).

Headed up this! #Sedona #Arizona #triouradventure

So we made the climb. It was gorgeous. Hopefully the pictures do the scenery a little bit of justice. Just unbelievable how untouched and vast this land is. The red rock... it's just gorgeous! I can envision the Indians living here, being so free and peaceful on this land. It really makes me sad that we took all that away from them. What a divine life they must have enjoyed.

Going up:

Untitled Untitled

And up:

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

^ Let's hope so, cause it kind of just drops past this!! ^

Once we made it to the top it was absolutely necessary to explore. I saw a man sitting on the edge wayyyy over there and HAD to join him. Vortexes are known to "call" people. I was drawn... Approaching him he started to get up to get out of my way for a cool solo picture. I said, "NO, I like strangers in my pictures... because you're actually about to be my friend!" He giggled but I was right. Just like the edge of the cliff I was drawn to, I was also drawn to him. I quickly wanted to know who he was and what he was doing up here with his bare feet, Mac book, and brimmed hat.
Well, he's a writer. And he's a writing. Of course he is! Of course you are! What a magical place to write. I'm kind of a writer too. Well, a blogger, but I want to write! I love to write!...
Let's be FRIENDS!! We chatted. We connected. Long story short, he was going to show us his secret/not so secret "offices" on the cliff.

Untitled Untitled

Tourists tend to stay on the well beaten path when it comes to the side of a mountain and climbing. I have this little explorer inside of me that wants to experience OFF the beaten path. He liked that and was excited to show me I think...

Before we make it that far though, check THESE guys out... there are two dudes with long large interesting musical instruments... I find out that it's a didgeridoo (I know, right!?) and it's got some healing energy stuff about it. So we experienced that and THEN went on along/down/on/around/up the mountain.


The views kept getting more and more spectacular. I mean there was this fear that this strange new man (friend!!??) was going to push us over to our death, but honestly, he felt very trustworthy.

Untitled Untitled

So here we are scootching our way around the face of a mountain until there is just this amazing ledge to hang out on. "Let's sit." Yes let's do! Who knew I was in for the most touching spiritual advisement I've ever received. And to top it!, the didgeridoo dudes were now nearby in an echo chamber (pictured just above) playing THE perfect 'Sedona, Arizona'y what you think it should sound like on top of a mountain surrounded by energy and spiritualism about to be advised and changed for the rest of your life' music... It could not have have been any more perfect.

This (below) was our view from the cliffs edge. No pictures of us on it because you'd have had to be in a helicopter to photograph us. Yeah, it got that serious!

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

Back to the edge with my new friend...
Dr. Michael Norwood. Author of the bestselling Wealthy Soul book series. Remember how I always talk about people entering your life for all the right reasons at all the right times? Our connection was no different. These last few months on the road have been awakening. I'm growing, I'm learning, I'm changing. And that's okay; that's what I wanted. But I also felt this sense of (for lack of a better word) loneliness, what's next, now what!? Confusion and frustration about who I am, where I am, people in my life, growth, and what is happening. Of course that doesn't consume me...there are just moments of panic (we all have them right!?). I felt so close to what I have been searching for, but can't quite grasp what it actually is.

With just a little bit of time spent with Michael, his words touched my soul. His advice changed my perspective. It's not that he gave me any specific advice to direct my next move in life, he just offered a realization, spirituality, guidance, enlightenment (I need a thesaurus, I'm out of terms to help me describe this!!)... ENLIGHTENMENT! he showed me how to achieve peace and acceptance. Renewed my sense of faith and hope. He said I have a unique gift, unique qualities... but it's time for an upgrade. Even good characteristics can become stale and eventually bad if you don't nurture them, develop them, grow them. Yes, time for an upgrade. I love it!! Lisa 3.0!

We talked about resistance and letting go. He advised me on freeing myself from judgement (of myself and others!) and acceptance. He brought me to tears; tears of release.
It felt like the breakthrough I needed to get to the new Lisa that I want to be.
Sometimes we're so hung up on who we are, that we resist the opportunity to become who we want to be. No need for resisting. There's no need to force anything to be or to prevent anything from being...just be. And let it be. Trust that life, people, places, things... everything, is as it should be. Right now. And even on a troubled path (which is almost always temporary!!) there are lessons and greatness to be found.
Such clarity. Such sublime clarity and understanding.
Reaching this is so hard to describe; it must be self experienced. So let's get back to the mountain climbing...

Coming down the mountainside was thrilling (and so metaphorical).
Michael took us down HIS way, OFF the beaten path and like I mentioned already, THRILLING!
We were scaling the mountain!! Sliding down on our butts... holding on for dear life... overcoming FEARS. And sometimes I couldn't quite reach the next "step" down and just had to press my body against the side, trust and let go. (mom and her little short legs, she couldn't reach quite a few next "steps" hee hee).
The whole way down we took our times. Very mindful both in footing and in conversation. Michael was sharing his story and helping to evolve mine. It continued to be rewarding and enlightening. And all the while taking in these majestic views of Cathedral Mountain, much like the Lisa in that moment, now behind and above us.

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

 I'm super excited to have shared these moments with Dr. Norwood. I now possess a copy of his series, "The 9 Insights of the Wealthy Soul" (personalized) with an invitation to call upon him on my continued journey for spiritual guidance; or maybe just an ear to listen. I love it and I hope it wasn't an empty invitation because I already want to talk to him again!!

I left a piece of myself on Cathedral Rock today and I discovered yet another new layer.
Personal transformation ~ what an opportunity and what a journey!!