If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Lately I've Been

I love -ing words. They are usually active, in the now, PRESENT, and usually independent.
So when I saw this post float across the Blog world, I felt like I too must join in the fun.
Plus it's a tool to grow as a person and as a writer. So, I'm doING it!!

Currently in life I am actively partaking in the following -ing's:

Making: MAGIC! What does this mean? I say it all the time. To me, making magic means changing lives or doing something extraordinary. I love Coaching and guiding growth! (others and self!!)

Cooking: HEALTHY! Sweet potatoes are my fave and I'm topping them with anything from cinnamon and pecans to salsa and beef. You can literally top a sweet pot with anything and find deliciousness. I'm also all about the couscous lately.

Drinking: Pinot Noir. I stopped drinking for the longest time. Not for any particular reason, mostly because of my anxiety. But I've been so digging the different flavors of Pinot Noir and a glass a day keeps the stress away!

Reading: The 9 Insights of the Wealthy Soul. See my Enlightenment post to learn more. But I just finished Paper Towns too which was eh, but the ideas in the story are interesting. Such as, paper towns. COOL!!

Wanting: to be a stronger more efficient swimmer. I think I'm going to hire a swim Coach leading up to Ironman Barcelona. I could take off a good 20 minutes.

Looking: forward to my next adventure. Which happens to be Ironman Barcelona. It's seriously going to be an epic trip!!

Playing: Candy Crush on my phone. I'm on level 20'something. I'm so glad I'm not addicted to this game. It actually puts me to sleep at night!

Wasting: water. Not just me, all of us!? Is water going to run out? Is this a resource that our future is going to long for? We use a lot of water. We WASTE a lot of water...

Wishing: we would stop hating on each other so much. Life is good; be happy and be kind to one another. I don't understand the hate and the ugly.

Enjoying: being alone. It's during the loneliest moments that we grow the most.

Waiting: to see you.

Missing: JAKE!!

Liking: all the healthy/fitness posts on FB and Instagram. Go on with your muscle selfie!!

Wondering: if my dreams will come true ...

Loving: my hippie headbands! And my Rudy Project shades.

Hoping: I can take these last 5 pounds off before Ironman Barcelona!

Needing: a major detox after poor eating and drinking habits while on vacation. 

Wearing: OOFOS! I wear the snot out of these comfy little sandals! ZOOT! Shoes, apparel, and gear...I love being decked out in my Zoot Sports!

Following: more and more travel pins on Pinterest and blogs online.

Noticing: I'm very comfortable being 35. Especially when I look 25!! ;)

Knowing: I'm right where I'm supposed to be.

Thinking: about how fortunate I am to travel and explore and be who I want to be. And how many people I got to catch up with and hang with this summer!! Man I love my friends!!

Feeling: like a brand new me. A kinder more self aware me. Ready to take on the next chapter of my life!! Or just the next few minutes... ;)
Also feeling super proud of my mom and her triathlon training.

Bookmarking: benefiicial triathlon and running articles for both athletes and self.

Opening: Training Peaks. I love checking in on my athletes everyday.

My add-on ing's:
Exploring: new cultures, new ideas, new flavors... and a new ME.
And always: swimmING, bikING, and runNING!!

Share some of your ing's with me in the comments below. What are you wearing? What are you needing? What are you enjoying? What are you doING!?