If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!


So you're gay, WHO CARES!?
So you want to be a woman, WHO CARES!?
You want to be a woman AND be gay, WHO CARES!?

Seriously, why do we care SO MUCH about other peoples sexuality?
And why are we awarding Jenner with a hero award!? Yes, it takes some courage (especially since his family is in the public eye) to make this transformation. But an award? Good grief world! Not my definition of a hero. Not to mention, she/he, whatever, is NOT a woman. He still has a penis. Last time I checked, MEN have penises. And in a world where we're screaming accept your body for the way it is... uhhmm, this doesn't count?

But really, who cares!?! If a man wants to be a woman, model tits, and pose on the cover of Vanity Fair, so be it. I'll either be interested and buy it or NOT CARE. If a woman wants to wear a strap on and be referred to as "dude", go for it. If that makes you happy, confident, and feel beautiful ~GO FOR IT.

I just want to know why we care so much!?
What is someone else's sexuality affecting? Hurting? (besides pedophilia, rape, or beastiality <--- these are just gross and unacceptable). If it's not hurting anyone, BE YOU and BE HAPPY.

If we cared about our own sexuality as much as we cared about others, we'd all be getting a whole lot more action and probably enjoying (and appreciating) it a whole lot more than we do!