If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Deer Creek Oly Tri WEEKEND Adventure


I have to do an oly race report well because it's just what I do!
But also because, if you're ever in the area, I want you to do it!!

A FIT Family Series by HFP Racing, this 24 year event features a kids tri and du on Saturday, and a mini, sprint, oly tri + du on Sunday. It's held at Deer Creek State Park in Mt. Sterling, Ohio. <--- gorgeous!

An opportunity to race with a TOA athlete and some Ohio friends, I had to register! I didn't even second think it. So Jake and I headed over on Saturday night to stay at the campground at Deer Creek. Saturday was super fun spending the day with my friend Traci and her family. With 3 boys and her hubs, Jake got plenty of play time and fishing and grilling happened. Her brother, and my friend Josh, joined us later that evening.

While I had a great time Satur-day and night and I would recommend the park for a fun family weekend, I will never stay here again. This place is just not my cup of tea. It's filled with too wide a variety of people, kids, and animals. There's a whole lot going on (noise action KIDS).
It's a CAMP for weekend camping. It's great for a night stay or weekend but LIVING, as I do, and expecting the same care, quietness, and cleanliness of places, yeah...just no.
The worst part (besides the disgusting shower area and the super rude ladies at the front desk) was the smoldering campfire odor that filled my RV throughout the night and made me sick. You know that smell, right? Smokey, ashy, smoldering...a campfire! It stinks! And now so does the inside of my home. UGH! I'm such a snob, right!? ;)

Saturday night sleep was awful. Between the smell and race nerves, I felt pretty crappy waking up at 5am. But it's cool, it's RACE DAY!! So I meet Josh and Traci and head to the beach for transition set up.


This race had the coolest transition and bike racks ever in the history of triathlon ^. TONS of spaces and individual bike racks (which hold one bike on each side). Loved it. I found an edge spot and parked her right next to Traci. Now to the beach for our two loop swim course. They set off the mini and sprint first. I wore my wetsuit and wetsuit sleeves for this chilly but comfortable swim.

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Swim: 1500 meter, two lap rectangle swim, high 60's (felt great though!)
Bike: 2 loops 40k, countryside, flat + 2 big hills (twice)
Run: 10k out and back, flat, across a dam levy (which included about 1/2 mile off road)

Swim notes: late start (which is okay, just means it's gonna be even hotter on the run). The two laps were fast; I like it. What I didn't like, the swim mat wasn't just outside the swim exit, it was actually across the beach and up a hill. That just added like 3 mins to my awesome swim! Dang it!
official time: 28 min 43 sec (my watch time was 26 though)

T1: felt like a long transition. The beach to hill to bike run + peeling off a wetsuit (which I almost put my shoes on with it still on ~goof). Still was speedy and fine.
official time: 1 min 24 sec

Bike notes: the 2 loops were fast; I like it. We had to come all the way back to transition for the turn around though. It was tight through there and really slowed us down. BUT, there were people to cheer us on and I like cheers!! The loop was headwind out and tailwind coming back around. Perfect! The wind picked up by the 2nd loop but it didn't slow me down. Flat and fast + 2 hills that we climbed twice. Serious hills. Real hills. Great police support on the route.
official time: 1 hour 19 min

T2: in and out. I might not be fast at swimming, average on the bike, and slow to average runner, but my transition is ON POINT.
official time: 42 sec


Run notes: Hey look ^ it's Tiff! She's already done with the du and just supporting me headed out on the run...
I didn't mind the first 1/2 mile in the grass (off road) cause my legs were fresh. But coming back, it stunk! I was dragging and trying not to trip and break myself. The dam levy was cool to run across and then a nice long countryside flat stretch. I liked it. The water on the course made my stomach sick. It tasted like toilet water smells. Seriously, I had bubble guts all day after. The gatorade was perfectly mixed though; nice and salty too! Great support on the course though; boy scouts rock!
official time: 1 hour 3 mins

A fun finish line too - big blow up and all the spectators and finishers were kinda hanging out and cheering us in. Fruit and cookies and snacks to finish with. I really like the finishers medal too. Deer Creek. Ha ha! No awards ceremony though... just a print out and if you won, grab your medal out of the bucket. Super formal. I brought home 2nd place in my age group though! Followed by Jennifer in 3rd place. Way to go us!! #teamTOA
official time: 2 hours 53 mins


^^ am I a proud coach or what!?
Lots of awesome friends here too! Tiffany and David from HS and Aneca and Justin and all my new friends met <3 <3

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A great weekend with great people. I'm so glad I got to enjoy this race today. Like I said in the beginning, if you're in the area, hey, do it. They did a good job and it was a fast course.