If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

GOBA Finale


I left off on Monday in Bluffton to Defiance…

Monday night and Tuesday night we stayed in Defiance so Tuesday morning was an optional loop. We opted for 30 miles. It was a super easy, fast, flat ride. Spent the rest of the day hanging out with mom. We tried to see a movie but nothing was playing at the right time so we wandered around a mall, walked some more, worked a little, and just hung out.

Wednesday morning we biked from Defiance to Bowling Green. Today took forever! It didn’t really, but it felt like it. We ended up with 53 miles and they just never wanted to end. We had to swim off the bike so found the local public pool that had a couple of lap swimming lanes. Mom got in and got moving quick. I was having a rough time getting going and once a wad of hair nearly missed my mouth, I was out. Too many kids; too much grossness, I’m DONE! All I saw in that pool was cold sores and strep throat. 175 yards was all for me. Mom got in a solid 1,500. Way to go Team TOA! Dinner and a drink and I was one done girl. I was asleep by 8pm! (and a very cool night made it super pleasant!).


An early Thursday for my century ride to Port Clinton. Skipping the a.m. rest stop, I biked the first 25 miles solo and met up with a few people at the lunch stop who claimed they were going my speed. We biked the next 25 miles fast (my speed fast, not necessarily your fast!) to the turn around, ate a snack and headed back. We took turns pulling our little pace line of 4, 5 miles at a time. It was windy. And rainy. And cold. But fine!! And fun!! We got to know each other pretty well and I really enjoyed the team effort to get back. Awarded with our GOBA 100 mile patch, I am satisfied with our 105 miles in 6 hours and 5 minutes. Great ride Johan, Jerry, and Beverly!

Upon arrival back at camp, I got to catch up with a GOBA friend from 15 years ago!! Same adorable baby face, it was so fun hearing how grown up my friend Kevin is. Totally made my day!! *hearts*

Dinner in downtown Bowling Green ~college town~ and appropriately pigged out on fried mozzarella sticks, french fries, and a gourmet fish sandwich + Blue Moon <--- PERFECT!!
With an unbelievably stiff neck, I paid the $15 for a 12 minute massage. I’m feeling this horrible pinch – I need my chiro!! BRANDON!!!!

Friday was a 55 mile ride from Bowling Green to Ottawa. FAST and FLAT! We were cruising today. Decent roads, pretty much a tailwind, and so flat. We transitioned for a quick 2 mile run (my fastest off the bike in a long time) and then jumped in the Y pool for a 2000 meter swim. What a solid day! A light dinner and time for GOBA fun ~ the song contest. Sorry, you have to join GOBA to get to know about the song contest ;) ...


It started raining Friday around 5pm. Bad.


By midnight it was really storming and the wind was determined to take me with it.
2am it continued. 4am I decided to hell with this, I'm not biking in this!
6am it was still going strong and I heard moms voice, "Uhhh, I'm not riding in this!"
OH THANK GOODNESS! Cause I already decided the same; I'll call a damn cab!


Call us sissies, but it's just not worth it. Mom's race is in 2 weeks and I just refuse to bike in dangerous weather. It was for real bad y'all. In fact, at 10am GOBA closed the course and sent cops and vans out to pick up any riders that didn't catch a shuttle back to Van Wert. Those that braved the weather had a 45 mile ride to the finish. 

My sweeeeeet boy ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #ilovemychocolatelab #girlsbestfriend

I picked up my Jakey baby and back to grandmas for laundry and clean up. 
Realized my legs are super sore and tired ~ grandmas basement stairs doubled or something!!

It was a different GOBA, but enjoyable. I'd love to have a huge group of my friends from the coast combined with my Ohio friends for 2016 ~ Who's in !?!?!