Chasing Waterfalls

With no plans for the day and lunch in the belly, we were all, now what!?

Ludlaw Falls is right around the corner and I don't think I've ever been there.
So... we're OFF...


A wide falls with a 15' plunge. It is hidden under a highway bridge so if you don't know it's there, you'll miss it. No swimming and I saw why, there's no safe way to get down there. Very pretty. They could really do a little bit with it though. Maybe a path? A picnic area? Bring some attention to it; to the community. It would be fun to swim and play in.

Onward to West Milton Falls. Did you even know there were falls in West Milton!?

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YEAH! A multi-tiered water fall located in the middle of the village of West Milton. A cute little surprise but very littered. Makes me sad. Come on, this is a great "make-out" spot and should be a highlight of your little town. Put the effort in to clean it up and show it off, it's gorgeous!! What a gem hidden in this tiny community.

And not too far away, Greenville Falls.


More of a low, wide waterfall about 50' wide. With a few trails and steep rocky climb down, we got to play in the water a little bit (and by play I mean Jake dragged me down the cliff and jumped in nearly taking me with him). I got some nice battle wounds from my ass to my knee.

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Dang dog!!

So that's that!! Our little Ohio waterfall tour.
Oh, we made a new friend too...