If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

More Ohio Adventures


The last 4 days have been jam packed full of friends and adventure. How about a quick recap both for my memories and your (possible) enjoyment...

Wednesday I was so lucky to visit with my friend David at Flying Horse Farms <-- that got it's own blog. An amazing spaghetti dinner <-- yup, he even cooked for us! And an open water swim clinic on Thursday with David and his sister (and my friend!) Aneca.

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Thursday morning began on a paddle board around the lake. With the sunrise, the gorgeous scenery, and Jake guiding the way like a good dog chilling on a paddle board, it was a very zen morning. Thank you David for hosting us at your camp and making us feel so special and welcome.


Next I was off to meet Tiffany (my girlfriend from high school) and her family for some water park fun and dinner. Seriously, FUN! Spent a gorgeous sunny day riding slides and splashing in the wave pool. Have I mentioned I'm a total water baby!? Shoo me off to beach/pool/bathtub/creek/pond/ WATER, and I'm a happy girl. Exhausted, we barely kept ourselves together for the most DELICIOUS homemade prepared dinner. A serious win for Tiffany, I'm so impressed and LOVE her family (husband, daughter, son, and in-laws). Thank you so much for the hospitality. I can't wait for dinner in your new home *hearts*

Friday I headed down to Cincinnati for the rest of the weekend with Jen (another athlete and friend of mine). Getting in the rig, I discovered that my battery died again and I lost everything in the fridge. AH, AGAIN!? It's going in for service Monday, I can't keep affording that!! A cheap hotel for the night. Grrr.


Oh well, an early wake up Saturday morning for an open water swim at Wake Nation with Jen and Cincinnati Tri Club <--- yay, new friends!!
What a GREAT place to swim some open water. It's a wake boarding park, basically a donut of a water hole. There are ramps for the wake boards and a 1/3 mile (inside the ramps) or 1/2 mile (outside the ramps) loop for the swimmers. Only concern is geese. I can deal with geese! Geese aren't gators!! We headed out for a 22 mile bike after that. There are real life hills in Ohio BTW.

With the most hospitable offer from a new friend, Jake and I got a whole house to clean up, do laundry, and hang in for the night (thank you Mark!!). Spent the rest of Saturday with Jen wandering around Cincinnati, drinking Blue Moon, eating too much food, shopping, and a German dinner.
A few catch up emails, an episode of Orange is the New Black, and off to bed...

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Another early wake up Sunday for Ride Cincy, a 63 mile bike ride for breast cancer research. When Jen told me it was an out and back, I cringed. I envisioned the coast, just 31 miles of forever out. And wind. Then back. And probably more wind. But helloooo, I'm in Ohio! It was curvy and hilly AND windy... Not a boring course AT ALL! In fact, it was great!! What a perfect long ride road! Very light traffic, GREAT police support, and probably the best after party I've ever experienced at an event. Food included Skyline Chili dogs, SUSHI <-- yeah!, sliders, pancakes, sweet treats, popcorn, Thai noodles, chopped salad with Outback, holy moly, I don't even know what else...sno cones! They were stocked full of everything for everybody. Great work Ride Cincy! And what fun riding with Jen and really pushing her limits (okay, MY limits!!).


The afternoon was spent with my buddy Joe who now also lives in Cincinnati. Joe and I were officers in the Army together. Like we never missed a beat, we had great 'catch up, memories, and what our futures hold' chat. Thanks for the pizza Joe and Sam (his son) is GREAT! Enjoyed our time together and definitely won't let another 6 years pass before we do it again.

With the most fulfilled smile on my face, Jake and I headed on back to Troy for more friends and family time.