If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Picking Your Nose

In our social media, status updating, picture uploading, tweeting frenzy of 2015, many of us have a (bad!!) habit of using phrases like,
“nobody cares about your <fill in the blank>” or
“nobody wants to see your <fill in the blank>”
Well I just think that’s not true. Let me review a few of the common ones…

“Nobody cares about your workouts.” Well that’s just not true, what about that persons athletes? Coach? Or the folks that this person is inspiring and motivating to lead a similar lifestyle?

“Nobody cares about your kids first potty/walk/tooth/word.” Well that’s just not true, what about grandma and grandpa that LIVE for that daily information? What about family miles apart? What about the new friend who’s pregnant and terrified but excited to experience all these firsts too?

“Nobody cares about your religious/political rants.” Well that’s just not true, what about that persons pastor? City council buddy? Friends with similar interests?

“Nobody wants to see your muscles/abs/ass/tits.” Well that’s just not true, I bet over half of their friends want to see any and all of those body parts! Ha!!

You get my point? I think the more fitting phrase should be, “I don’t care” or “I don’t want to see.” Take responsibility for your likes and dislikes. Own it!
Another common line, “Everyone thinks you’re <insert compliment or insult>.” 
Everyone? Or YOU? Take responsibility for self. Why are you collecting everyone? Take jurisdiction of your own thoughts.

BTW, why I think we do this: by using “nobody” and “everyone” we think we are justifying our sentiment. Perhaps it goes back to the “nobody wants to be alone” thought (which is also false. Nobody? Or YOU. ß take responsibility). But we want to fit in - group cohesion, sense of belonging, conformity, social standing. We want to feel like we aren’t the only ones having this thought (even if we are!). We don’t want to feel condemned.
Or maybe you’re just an asshole that wants to hate on everyone. And why do we relate so much better with negativity and being mean anyway!? This just drives me crazy. I’ve come across so many conversations where another person, thought, or idea is being bashed. (I’m not currently on a soapbox, I’m guilty too – I’m just thinking out loud)…
But why don’t we spend more time celebrating one another? Appreciating one another? Learning? Opening our minds? Why are we so quick to gossip about the ugly but not brag about the beauty?  

So, just to be ironic (and to lighten back up this piece) and because I spend so many hours thinking, I’ve come up with a few thoughts that TRULY nobody cares about or wants to see…

Nobody wants to hear your baby/child scream. I don’t care how much you love kids or how much patience you have, let’s be honest, that noise is WRETCHED and you don’t WANT to hear it. I think your own kids lungs are tolerable, but not someone else’s. Do us all and a favor and take that ___ outside.

Nobody wants to smell your cigarette smoke.  Chain smokers don’t even wanna smell that crap; they know how awful it is. I’m all for outlawing public smoking. Yes; keep it at home. Everyone thinks you look stupid too. Okay, not everyone, I do!

Nobody wants to see or HEAR you eating with your mouth open. “Look how sexy she chews with her mouth open.” Said NO ONE EVER! It’s gross. And unsanitary. And GROSS! Chew with your mouth CLOSED.

Nobody wants to hear how tired you are. Seriously, because we all are. We all work hard (or play hard). We're ALL tired. 

Final thought that truly nobody cares about or wants to see...
You picking your nose or what you pulled out of it.

That is all my friends. Happy Friday.