If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Week 3 (of 20) Barcelona 70.3

Hello new week!! We are beginning our week still in Valdo but heading home on Tuesday. Luca has a few more days of holiday before back on the chopper.

As for our 52 Weeks of Us weekly challenge, Romantic Movies. Every evening (as time permits), we are to watch a romantic movie together. So far, Aloha, we started a series, Sex Education, and Ballad of Buster Scruggs (not a romance but a good flick!). Romantic movies are just good for the soul *hearts*

Monday, Jan 14 - today was a planned rest day because we were supposed to spend it in Venice. Plans changed quickly when we realized Luca's final dissertation needed correction by NOW. Boohoo, I kinda pouted all day and even though debated running, but never did.

Tuesday, Jan 15 - early morning Valdo home clean up and 5 hour drive to home. Two words for this long drive: AutoGrill Apollo. It's basically a crispy chicken sandwich but the chicken I promise, tastes like a Wendy's chicken nugget (which are my favorite). And it's not an often treat, but it's definitely a FAVE when we are road tripping.
Once home, straight to clean up and work - school and studying. And homemade pizza ;)

Wednesday, Jan 16 - I absolutely HAD to get up and moving (and back to my official training plan)... Went for a 45minute run (4.25 miles). Felt okay; started chilly but warmed up fast. Later, slammed my fingers in the freezer and jerked so hard that I pulled a muscle or 17 !? in my neck and I can barely turn my head. SERIOUSLY!?
Next 5 days meal prep and work + sushi date with my guy.
🚴 RUN 4.25 miles

Thursday, Jan 17 - neck feels a bit relaxed this morning but I can definitely feel the strain. Can you believe it, ugh!? If I had to swim today, it'd be questioned, but I think I can still get my bike and run in. Although it's raining, so I will probably end up indoors.
1 hour on the trainer but due to the rain (and no treadmill in my house), skipped the brick run.
Never skip a brick run!! Did though, put our IKEA bed frame together (and we're still in love!).

Friday, Jan 18 - my last day with my honey home, I talked him into going swimming with me. He said, "Well, it certainly can't hurt." I managed 1,900 meters in a lane battling old men backstroking and some guy practicing bondage (not kidding, he had himself all tied up and...oh man, indescribable!). Worked all day for Tri the Gulf and Adoption, long walk w/Jake at the tenuta, and tonight we're gonna Netflix it up.
🚴 SWIM 1,900 meters

Saturday, Jan 19 - 52 weeks of us update: this week is nightly romantic movies. We haven't restricted ourselves to a movie every night per say... we've gotten caught up on a series, Sex Education. Guys, it's so good!! And we completed it last night. We recommend!
Next update: I finally heard back from my endocrinologists after reviewing my month 2 blood results. Levels are still high so he's upping the dose (from 50ml to 75ml). If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I've been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I've tried not to make a big deal out of it, but basically my thyroid is a useless organ just chilling in my throat. I've been on these synthetic thyroid meds trying to get it worked out. I'll start the higher dosage right away.
On to training!! Hilly 10k today. Crazy I used to run an hour 10k for training and now it's more like 1:10... Grr; at least I can still run!
🚴 RUN 6.2 miles

Sunday, Jan 20 - it was cold as balls. So I got on the trainer. And of course, later, it warmed up nicely and I could have (should have) waited for an afternoon ride. Instead - 2 hours done on the trainer. I at least sweated my butt off.
🚴 BIKE trainer 2 hours

Finished our week with a scary movie (why do we do that to ourselves!?) and an episode of College Friends - man, everyone is sleeping with everyone!!

Drawn for next week: sweet surprises for each other.