If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Happy New Year!! 52 Weeks of Us

Luca and I decided to forgo traditional resolutions. Because, let's get real - how long do they ever last? And aren't they always the same every year? And we really want to commit to ourselves something. Something achievable and fun but still challenging. So we came up with an awesome plan!!


We have written 52 weekly challenges to better ourselves, our relationship, our brains, our health... our LIFE and placed each in a jar. Each Sunday we will draw a new challenge and take it on for one week. Challenges range from giving up a favorite, to exercise challenges, to reading, to learning. We worked on the 52 challenges together so there's no surprises and we realize we need to be flexible if one of us is away or the challenge doesn't fit in this particular week. Otherwise, it's on like donkey kong! Feel free to join us! We'll announce our challenge every Sunday on Tri Our Adventure Facebook.

Week 1: talk about 5 things you’re grateful for every day. My first day included “your patience” while Luca’s included, “this wine”. LOL! Happy New Year friends!! We hope the year brings all the love, joy, and achievements that you desire too!