If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

52 Weeks of Us (week 1 complete, ready for week 2)...


Week 1 was a success. We had drawn "Talk about 5 things you are grateful for everyday". We didn't miss a beat and found way more than 5 things daily we are grateful for. It was a really nice end to each day respecting what and who we have in our lives. Even in moments of grumble, it's important to take a deep breathe of gratitude. For even this breath, I have <-- gratefulness

Other grateful's: loving parents (on both sides!), our beautiful Jake and unconditional love, each other, job security, kindness and positive outlooks as well as a desire for growth (personally and professionally), and of course - that we can both cook! Wine is super cheap in Italy! And, at least we're not buried in snow ;) ;) ;)

For Week 2, we have drawn: 15 minutes of mediation daily. We actually drew another one first but we agreed at the beginning that if we had a special week planned or out of town, we would authorize a re-draw to better fit the week. We went ahead and drew for Week 3 as well but I'll let you know that one on Sunday ;)