If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

My Unpopular Opinion

Have you ever noticed that people who are on the unpopular side of an opinion are far more accepting of the opinions of the popular side?

For example... (because it's hot in the news right now thanks to New York) 
anti-abortionist vs. pro-abortionist

The anti's are the more vocal, prominent, popular group, right? They are all "fuck the pro's", "fuck the baby killers", ahhh, burn in hell! Ugly. Mean and ugly.
However the pro-abortionist (the unpopular opinions) are so much more open-minded or, what's the better word, tolerable of the anti's and their loud ugliness. You don't hear any pro-abortionist screaming fuck you, calling names, or threatening the anti-abortionist. In fact, you hardly hear from them at all; they're keeping their opinions to themselves. But why?...

Opinions are like noses, everyone is entitled to have one. Or assholes, everyone definitely has one. But it's super evident that the unpopular opinion gets ostracized and is expected to refrain from sharing in fear of being ostracized, unfriended, bashed, or worse - beat up and/or even killed! 

I don't want unpopular opinions to go extinct! I think it's important for thoughts and ideas, theories, or practices to have another side. Or 3 sides, or 5! Opinions are valuable! If we all think and feel and look the same...our world is going to flatline. Controversy stimulates change and growth. 
I think it strengthens our value system but also, more importantly, helps us understand the values of others and their reasons for holding such values - perhaps pumping us full of compassion, kindness, and consideration. Because isn't that what our world needs more of?

Do you want to share unpopular opinions? Do you have an opinion that you feel has been silenced by popularity or censored by fear of unpopularity? Protecting your rights means exercising your rights...
In light of freedom and debate, you have a DUTY to express your unpopular opinion!!


And so here are a few of my own.
I am indifferent to abortion. I believe your situation is unique and yours.
I think marijuana use (with the exception of true medical use) is disgusting and should remain illegal.
I like Nickleback.
I think Girl Scout cookies are gross and overrated.
I love seeing public displays of affection, people taking selfies, and your meals on social media.
I can't stand football. Or Nascar. Or golf.
I think black power *anything* is racist and offends me greatly (i.e. Black Girls Run, Black Spring Break, BlackPeopleMeet, Black Lives Matter, the list goes on) mostly because if I stood up a White Girls Run I'd be hunted with fire and pitchforks. Why is race still such a thing? And why are you intentionally segregating yourself? I seriously DO NOT care if you're black or white.
I wish dogs were allowed more places and kids were allowed fewer places.
Chewing gum should be illegal. You are literally chewing with that gum, your own mouth nastiness.
And lollipops? You're enjoying flavored saliva.
Babies with food all over their faces are not cute; it's disgusting.
Bashing politics is tiresome. Glorifying Trump is ignorant. and
Why do we care so much about what people like to eat on their pizza, bacon, and what celerities are up to?
Money CAN buy happiness and while we're at it, mind your own business about my money AND my happiness.

Finally (for now), I believe it's okay to have your own opinion. My list is about unpopular opinions, and obviously not all such serious topics... but the point is that it's completely okay to have your own. Everyone is an individual and if we all thought the same way, we'd be bland and boring.