If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Holiday training and Barcelona 70.3 begins!

Who actually stuck to a training schedule through the holiday's!? It was tough right!!?? I managed just a couple of sessions...

Sunday, Dec 23 - 90mins on the trainer (rain rain go away!)

Monday, Dec 24 - Merry Christmas Eve! To Milan for Italian Christmas family fun!

Tuesday, Dec 25 - Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, Dec 26 - and, another travel day.

Thursday, Dec 27 - 30min run. Finally ;)

Friday, Dec 28 - HIIT at home

Saturday, Dec 29 - HIIT at home. p.s. as of today, Luca is on holiday for almost an entire month! I get ALL the time w/my honey bunny *hearts hearts hearts*!!!!

Sunday, Dec 30 - lazy lazy lazy + a 45min ^ hike (little over 2 miles)

Tomorrow begins official 20 weeks of training to Barcelona 70.3 so it's going to get serious! 
(and of course we're headed out of town again next week :P )

Monday, Dec 31 - 1 hour 10 minutes on the trainer (after discovering traffic was a MESS).
BIKE trainer

Tuesday, Jan 1 - Happy New Year!! We went for a 90mins, 4 mile ^ hike today. Since I biked yesterday and the pool is closed, I feel this is sufficient ;)

Wednesday, Jan 2 - 1900m in the pool today + (near) 40min run. Ended at 38mins because I arrived at the grocery! I know I know... Proud to be green today though!

Thursday, Jan 3 - 2019 is off to a great start in the training department! I'm feeling accomplished and motivated!! Grabbed 45mins on the trainer today with a 15min brick (ran 10, walked 5). Today had to be a lighter day because I had blood drawn this morning, A LOT. I'm going to incorporate strength and HIIT back in next week (and especially since we'll be away from home again so that means away from bike grrrrr).
BIKE trainer + brick RUN

Friday, Jan 4 - 2000m swim and 1 hour on the bike

Saturday, Jan 5 - 90mins of bike OUTSIDE! Whoo, it was chilly chilly but I'm so happy to get a ride outside!!

Sunday, Jan 6 - 1 hour run bright and early before travels to Folgaria (Full-Guh-Rhea not Full-Garia) for a little ski adventure...