If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Week 2 (of 20) Barcelona 70.3 and 52 Weeks of Us

The from and too that we skied today. Accidentally got caught on a Level 3 track :O
Monday, Jan 7 - this week is off to a different start as we are on a bit of a ski adventure. I'm understanding now that skiing is a great cardio workout, shoulders, abs, butt, hips, quads, calves, ALL the body parts! I forgot to start Garmin, but about 4 hours of skiing for my first day. I can't say I love it... but it's okay.

Our weekly challenge is: 15mins of meditation daily. We actually forgot today but I think being on the mountain, skiing... it was like meditation so we're good.

Silly bathroom selfie because people's bathroom selfies crack us up :P
Tuesday, Jan 8 - 22 miles of skiing on the mountain today. That includes everything... I just hit start when we started and stop when we finished. Today was much better than yesterday. Still don't love it, but I like it. I had plenty of moments of enjoyment today. We're not very good at this meditating thing...

I love the way my boys love each other <3
Wednesday, Jan 9 - just 4 miles of skiing today because it didn't feel right. My legs were tired and hurt and it wasn't in me. I don't love skiing. I'm not even sure that I like it.
A nice long hour ^ hike w/Jake and the day is complete ~ meditation on the mountain.

^ because it cracked me up! 

Thursday, Jan 10 - traveled from Folgaria to Valdobbiadene. Recovering from skiing too :O
Can I mediate in the grocery store? Is it strange that I love to grocery shop? Luca and I stopped at a huge one before hitting our mountain home for the week and I just love exploring the aisles. Especially when it's near empty and quiet. Yeah, that's my mediation for sure (you know, besides Luca slam dunking products into our car *eyeroll* LOL!).

Easy night in Valdo w/my guys
Friday, Jan 11 - 2,100m swim this morning here in Valdo. Spent the rest of the day working and IN BED. Guys, I feel so sick... but I'm fighting it hard. OJ and crackers all day. Pleaseeee don't be getting the flu! By late night, I was feeling better and got a little bit of (plain) pizza down and played cards w/my guys. Right back to bed though!! 15mins meditation by the fire tonight with my beauties.

Beautiful historical villa in the park where we like to take Jake to play.
Saturday, Jan 12 - feeling okay this morning. Ate a slice of toast and 1 egg, it seems happy. Still not gonna move much; whatever is in my system is still moving out...
Nice sunset walk with my guys, at home BBQ, prosecco, cards, and Netflix. Aloha is such a great movie *romance*.

Did you know that breakfast is my FAVORITE!? Omelets filled with pancetta and veggies. 
Sunday, Jan 13 - the rest yesterday did me good! I feel much better this morning and went right away to swim. 2,300 meters with a weird rule - not allowed to wear my watch!? OooooK.
Mimosa's and Brunch w/my love to follow!

Weekly Totals:
Swim - 2 x 4,400 meters
Ski x apx 50 miles.
I warned you this week would be special! Oh and we SUCK at 15mins of meditation a day!

Next week:
Gosh his hands are so much sexier than mine! 
And training continues!!